Travelling Whilst Working: How Technology Can Give You A Boost

Travelling Whilst Working: How Technology Can Give You A Boost

Partly due to the impact of COVID-19, we have seen more remote workers and those who work whilst travelling. Whilst it offers unique challenges, it can be something that people enjoy, and often something that is simply more practical. Of course, they wouldn’t be able to work whilst on the move without the benefit of technology, which greatly enhances the experience.

Partly due to the impact of COVID-19, we have seen more remote workers and those who work whilst travelling. Wh...

Dealing With Loneliness

The first thing you should be aware of is that whilst you are out and about travelling, which comes with its benefits, you could end up being lonely. It may seem strange, as there is likely to be a lot of people around you, but these people will be people you don’t interact with.

Seeing people and having no conversations will only help to build up your feelings of loneliness, as you can physically see people together, and that you’re alone. This means that you will need to find ways to deal with loneliness. One way is to maintain relationships with those you care about over a long distance, such as over the phone. That’s just one example of how technology can help you throughout your travelling experience.

Flexibility And You

One of the benefits of travelling whilst working is that you can be flexible about what you feel like you can do. However, this benefit could also be a hindrance. You will have to juggle travelling whilst working, using the right technology at the right time. You could be stuck on a crowded bus or other modes of transport at times, not allowing you to work, so plan.

Below, you will find examples of an everyday technology that you could utilise in your working life, that will benefit you whilst travelling.


Whilst you may be able to travel somewhere to find a computer and work, it will be more practical and realistic to bring a laptop with you to work with. This laptop should be one you’re familiar with, that already has everything you could need to be preloaded onto it. You should also have a laptop bag to store it in, to best protect it when travelling. If you lose your laptop when travelling, or it gets stolen, it could ruin your entire working trip.


Arguably, your phone will be one of the most important pieces of technology that you take with you on your journey whilst working. That’s because, for many travelling and remote workers, they use their phone almost as their computer. Depending on the job or industry you work in, you may mainly use your phone.

For example, social media jobs, and to a certain degree an influencer job, use social media on the go at all times. This can all be done on their phone thanks to certain applications and tools that allow for editing pictures, and scheduling posts.

For those who work in other industries, they will still need their phone for communication reasons with their bosses or employees. Communication on a phone can come in a few different forms. For example, it could be used for voice calls, for more direct conversation, or texting for something not as urgent.

Phones will also have different applications that could be installed, such as email providers. There will usually be an app for whatever email provider you use, which is another great way for you to communicate whilst on the go.

It’s worth thinking about the phone that you’re using too. You can use the newest models and brands, or go for something slightly older. Whatever you go for, it will be important that the phone has software that is up to date, to not slow down your applications, and to work at its full potential.

What some people choose to do, is to use SIM-only deals that allow them to pay for what they need, and not waste money or resources. Depending on how much work you do, you should be able to pinpoint just how much you might need. Lebara offers cheap SIM-only deals that allow you to make calls in over 40 different countries, which will be useful for a worker on the go. It’s worth browsing through the deals so that you can find one that suits you and your needs.


Of course, you will also need to look into getting a solid internet connection whilst you’re working on the go. The internet could be localised data spots that offer a service for signing up, or it could be from businesses that offer internet if you purchase from them.

For example, many coffee shops and even pubs will offer their customers internet, meaning you can sit in a coffee shop and work throughout the day. Some of these coffee shops and pubs will offer all-day services including drink top-ups for a small fee. You may find that you are more productive when working at a coffee shop, as you feel more involved with your day, and more up for it in general.


Another important piece of technology comes in the form of adapters if needed, and chargers. The last thing you want is to arrive somewhere or be sat on a long train journey, just to have your laptop run out of battery, leaving you stuck.

When packing up to work on the move, you should have a checklist to go through to help ensure that you remember important devices such as this. Adapters can come in various shapes and sizes, so it may be worth getting specific bags for them, as to not forget them.

Portable Chargers

For similar reasons as adapters, it will benefit you to carry a portable charger. These portable chargers will help you to charge on the go when there are no plug outlets, or you’re running low in general.

It may be a good idea to bring a few different ones. Depending on the brand, one could last you the whole day, but you will need to eventually charge the portable charger, so having a few covers you for when it’s time to charge them.


It will also be in your best interest to take headphones with you whilst working and travelling. This will mainly benefit you for meetings, where you can have them in a bit more privacy than just blaring your colleagues or clients out loud. However, it will also allow you to play music in public spaces too, without it bothering anyone. Music could allow you to focus more, allowing you to be more productive when working.


You should look into how insurance could benefit you whilst on the go. Travel insurance is likely to be your main choice, but you could also look into contents insurance to ensure your technology is well looked after. Some insurance may also protect you against a loss of income suffered whilst out working when something is out of your control.

Create Schedules Where Possible

Finally, it will help organise your work life and travel if you create schedules and plan the trip in general. It could be writing down where you have to be each day, and how you will get there, or it could be noting down how much time you have to work each day, to prevent you from stressing and potentially overworking.

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