Software: How Gaming Went Mobile, and What Happens Next

Electronic gaming has been a growing industry since the first consoles and PCs began creeping into homes in the mid-seventies. As technology has improved with each new generation, so has the popularity of gaming around the world.

Improved mobile technology and a proliferation of gaming options for portable devices has hugely impacted how we consume games. Whether for 888poker, Pokémon Go, or Candy Crush Saga, our phone has quickly become our go-to device.

Software: How Gaming Went Mobile, and What Happens Next

Better Games, Better Gaming

We’ve come a long way from the days when Nokia’s Snake was the most compelling game in our pockets. Today’s smartphones have opened a whole new world of improved gaming in every style.

From arcades or puzzles, to multiplayer world-building strategy and CDPR’s role-playing games. Today’s mobile games are unrecognisable from two decades ago. Then there is the online casino and slot sector, which is more immediate and wide-ranging than ever before.

Software: How Gaming Went Mobile, and What Happens Next

The Advantages of Tailored Software

Creating dedicated software platforms have helped providers offer more fluid and complex games both on mobile devices and home PCs. Most providers now encourage the use of downloadable apps and software to enhance play; 888poker’s platform is a great example.

Installing custom software not only helps games run more fluidly, it comes with other benefits for both providers and users. For instance, push notifications mean users should never miss out on new announcements, or opportunities such as bonus play offers.

It also provides a secure way to be always logged in, allowing for seamless transition between devices. This removes set up barriers and allows players to be fully immersed  within seconds of picking up their device.

Installation of this sort of software is easy, with step-by-step instructions available for every install a provider might require. 888’s poker software manual, for instance, requires just four steps to be completed.

Step 1

Download: Visit the website and click ‘download’ then ‘run’ to launch the software installation wizard.

Step 2

Options: Choose where to install the folder and agree to the users’ terms and conditions.

Step 3

Install: Let your phone or PC do its magic and complete the installation for you.

Step 4

Finished: Open up the new software and enjoy!

It is now easy for even the most computer illiterate to install the software required for enhanced gaming. This allows providers opportunities to offer even more improvement to the already exploding world of online and mobile gaming.

Encouraging users to take advantage of this sort of integrated software may also help bring players back to their PCs. While mobile gaming is clearly in the ascendancy today, PC and console gamemakers are striving to regain ground.

What the Future Holds

Static gaming will never be able to rival the ‘anytime, anywhere’ flexibility of mobile gaming, but it has other strengths.

No matter how advanced the mobile technologies are, the devices will always compete with the competitors in the processing power of a PC. This makes it possible to create much more complex games that require higher-level resources, resources that consoles and PCs usually have, according to the article by gamingscan.

Mobile devices will never be able to recreate the immersive feel of a large monitor and high-spec sound set up. Those games, or gamers, who require that level of absorption, therefore, will always be more at home on traditional devices.

Many believe that augmented and virtual reality offer the next level in gaming experiences of all kinds. Mobiles can offer this to a point, but PCs and consoles are best for truly innovative experiences of this nature.

Software: How Gaming Went Mobile, and What Happens Next

It doesn’t feel like the rise of mobile gaming is over by any means, especially in the online casino sector. As both hardware and software continue to improve, convenience and affordability will continue to attract more users than ever before.

That doesn’t mean that PC and console gaming needs to be left behind. By continuing to push limits and provide fully immersive experiences, they can regrow their places in the market.

A gradual shift in how traditional gaming is monetised may also help PC and console providers to increase their share through Google’s Stadia. Some are already stepping away from high game purchase prices towards in-game extras and advertising models, similar to mobile gaming.

This removes the heavy upfront price barriers which can be off putting to users already faced with large equipment costs. The low initial spend which mobile gaming offers has attracted huge markets who may not have considered gaming previously.

WIll PCs and consoles ever become more popular than mobile gaming again? It’s impossible to say.

On one side, flexibility and convenience allows for gaming to become more open and accessible to more people than ever. On the other, striving for the most absorbing, immersive, and advanced experience will create exciting new entertainment opportunities for all.

One thing is for sure, it’s an exciting time for gaming; for providers, players, and observers. What comes next? We can only wait and see.

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