Daniel Craig gave birth to James Bond that has consumed more alcohol in his films


  • A publication has studied the level of alcohol in the different versions of James Bond and performed by Craig are the most drunk.
  • According to the study, the reason is that brands of alcoholic beverages have increased sponsorships to appear in films 007
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 Casino Royale

The missions of the most famous secret agent film, James Bond, often lead him to places and situations in which a drink can be the best option. However, over time and movie character has increased their alcohol consumption for your adventures on the big screen.

Now, a study by the British magazine The Grocer has concluded that the six actors who have played Bond, the Daniel Craig has been the drinker. The magazine assigned to each actor “units drink” depending on the alcohol 007 does in every movie.

So, Craig goes consuming alcohol corresponding to 20 units per film, followed by Pierce Brosnan, with 12 points; Sean Connery, 11 points per film; Roger Moore, also with 11, George Lazenby, with 9 units and more modest, Timothy Dalton, with only 4.5 units per movie.

But why Daniel Craig’s character is the one consuming more alcohol appears? According to the publication this should the enormous increase in sponsorships James Bond movies received by liquor brands. Character profile lends itself to appearances in which spirits and will consume huge box-office pull 007 franchise makes a much appreciated opportunity for industry to locate their products.

Bollinger, Jim Beam, Red Stripe and Heineken are some brands who paid the millions to show in the latest films most famous spy, as they did before Martini or Smirnoff, among others.

Spectre will British fourth film with Daniel Craig as 007 after the Irishman Pierce Brosnan happen in 2005, and the second secret agent who runs the British Sam Mendes, after Skyfall (2012), a film that grossed 1,100 million dollars (98 million euros) worldwide. The new film features actors like Christoph Waltz, Monica Bellucci, Andrew Scott, Lea Seydoux and Ralph Fiennes and will be released on November 6.


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