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    pentameter verse poem

    pentameter or lines of eleven syllables (in the first verse there are two sinalefas and one in each of the following three verses).

    Todo_está_a? point? You ship, sailors, (11)
    distant port, _estrella known, (11) homeland de_una
    scent conceived (11)
    de_azules paths alone? (11)
    (Manuel Mantero, “The Journey”)

    End hendecasyllable Example

    And finally …

    Desembargadamente any projections of martyrdom
    grieving or swallow or move
    with friends guise of idiosyncrasies Poor Invisible nervousness.

    Essay: abstract, example and meaning

    Example hendecasyllable
    Source: www.hipertextual.com  
    June 25, 2013

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