FaceApp, accused of racism for turning white to black

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    • The application of fashion has ignited the controversy in social networks, through a filter to make the user a ‘more handsome’.
    • “Has bleached my skin and made my nose european,” says an internet user black.
    • The CEO of FaceApp has asked forgiveness and has changed the name to the filter.

    Racism in FaceApp

    The last application that is causing a sensation on the internet is Face App, a program for the mobile becomes the face of the user in the old, will change the gender or make it ‘more handsome’.

    This last option has ignited the controversy in social networks, because many customers of the application blacks have complained of racism: “The application has bleached my skin and it has made my nose european. No, thank you”, complained a user on Twitter.

    in Addition, users who have glasses, the application is removed or changed factions recognisable face. The CEO of FaceApp , Yaroslav Goncharov, has apologized in a statement to Newbeat: “we deeply Regret this issue,” she says, arguing that the application behavior has to do with its programming and has not been intentional.

    Now, the filter to make ‘handsome’ (hot) has changed its name to ‘spark’ (spark) after complaints from the users.


    FaceApp, accused of racism for turning white to black
    Source: www.20minutos.es  
    April 28, 2017

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