Far Cry: New Dawn presents its launch trailer

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  • It launches on the 15th of February.

    Ubisoft has shown the launch trailer for Far Cry: a New Dawn, which will be available on PC and consoles on February 15. To know more about this new title, post-apocalyptic, I invite you to read our feed here.

    In this installment we’ll come back to Hope County, county, and map of the fifth delivery, but 17 years after a global catastrophe nuclear. The atmosphere posapocal√≠ptica will not be the only novelty, as the title will also by an aesthetic more colourful and kooky, with larger animals and savages, tribes and vehicles in the style Mad Max.

    Today I have offered comparative between the consoles of its resolution, graphical details and frame rate per second.

    Far Cry: New Dawn presents its launch trailer

    Far Cry: New Dawn presents its launch trailer
    Source: www.vandal.net  
    February 13, 2019

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