Firefly Studios Stronghold Crusader throws 2: Ultimate Edition

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    Gladiux, a combat game set in Ancient Rome, shown in pictures

    It includes all the extras, including the last game downloadable pack
    users can now gain Stronghold Crusader. 2: Ultimate Edition Firefly Studios. This edition contains the full pack the game with music, art and exclusive content. This includes 10 single player missions, 16 characters, 5 game modes, digital art book, soundtrack, Stronghold Crusader HD and a second copy of Crusader 2 for a gift for a friend .

    The four packs include additional characters and old Pig known as the Templar Stronghold fan. This new edition includes mini campaigns “Dealing Justice” and “Freedom Fighters”.
    This new edition is and on Steam today with a special discount of 33%

    The latest campaign: Stronghold Crusader 2: The Jackal and The Khan

    addition, Firefly Studios has also released the latest downloadable campaign called Stronghold Crusader 2: The Jackal and The Khan .
    This pack adds an additional single-player campaign and a new pair of computer-controlled opponents. Two warlords destined to lead their forces across deserts wild, jackal and Khan are forced to survive using his wit and loyalty of his men outlaws. Khan wild and brave Jackal represent the ultimate challenge for players of Stronghold. The final expansion of Stronghold Crusader 2 jackal and Khan adds nine new missions to the game, two characters, achievements and new designs of castles. Now available and href=”” n Steam at a discount of 33% and is included in number Stronghold Crusader 2: Ultimate Edition

    also Stronghold Crusader 2 has also been updated with 5 new skirmish maps:
    serious problems : The central state is very exposed in an open barrel, making it vulnerable to attack from other players
    Lagos . The heavy rains have created an area of ​​lush fields and vegetation in the desert! Each player has ample room to expand, although the cities of the states are not evenly distributed
    Through the Abyss . Develops epic battles on the edge d a large canyon while your armies cross the cliff to reach the other end. The route is long and move south imply an uphill battle treacherous
    Malicious Land . Building an economy is not an easy task for the central player, who must start battling wild lions and bandits. Meanwhile, the player southeastern corner has an easy to defend if desired
    in the swamps . The attacks can come from anywhere in this vast area of ​​swamps passable. The defense is difficult given the open nature of the map

     Firefly Studios Stronghold Crusader throws 2: Ultimate Edition


    Firefly Studios Stronghold Crusader throws 2: Ultimate Edition
    November 8, 2015

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