First details of the expansions of Anno 2205

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    Tundra and Orbit will be included in the season pass.
    Blue Byte and Ubisoft reveal new details about upcoming expansions come through Season Pass Anno 2205 to 2205 , which It will be standard in editions Gold Edition and Collector’s Edition game that come to Europe. The expansions will be called Tundra and Orbit. Anno 2205 to 2205 will be published worldwide November 3, 2105 and will be available later expansions.

    Anno 2205 Collector ?? s Edition include the game in an exclusive collector’s box, a poster of the moon in high resolution, ilibro 60 pages of illustrations, the official soundtrack and the season pass with access to Tundra Orbit and expansions.


    In this expansion players will travel marshes and fjords while expanding your corporation in the Tundra sector on the plains of Vanha. Immersed in this new continental industry, can observe the musk ox from the air in their next-generation aerial vehicles, and dominate the largest sector to solve the mystery of the forgotten sanctuaries ECO.
    Another side missions allow players to defuse a deadly fever and reuse components to create new gameplay options, establishing exclusive production lines in Tundra that provide supplies to any place on Earth.


    In the second expansion, players expand the domain of your corporation into space, occupying the new orbital sector and build its own space station there . He will recruit men and bravest among company employees and these will occupy his new post in orbit women. To expand and improve the space station, players can build research modules to give their scientific new resources that allow them to create powerful analysis tools, whose results will boost all sectors.

    First details of the expansions of Anno 2205
    First details of the expansions of Anno 2205
     First details of the expansions of Anno 2205


    First details of the expansions of Anno 2205
    October 18, 2015

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