Gboard premiered stickers and 40 new languages in its latest update

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    Gboard Stickers

    The keyboard Gboard has not stopped receive improvements in all these months since its launch almost a year ago, in December of 2016. Now the keyboard Google receives two important developments in its update to the version 6.7.

    More than 120 languages

    Google reports that in this new update of Gboard have been added to 40 new languages. Do not specify the complete list of new languages, only limited to form between all the new languages have included the japanese. This means that now Gboard is compatible with more than 120 languages.

    Stickers series

    Gboard Stickers

    last summer we saw how the stickers arrived at Gboard, but to enjoy them you had to have Google Allo and/or download some of the packs of stickers that we can find in Google Play.

    well, this new version comes standard with stickers Gboard default. Since we do not have to have Allo or install packs to start sending stickers to our contacts with Gboad.

    it Seems that there are a total of four packs of stickers which you will have Gboard series, although it seems that Google will be activated in a staggered manner to the users, since it is possible to only see a pack of icons, “blobmojis” animated. The other packs of icons inherited from Google Allo seems that iran is reaching around the world during the next few days.

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    Google Play | Gboard – keyboard for Google
    Xataka Android | How to have stickers and emojis animated Gboard

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    Xataka Android

    Gboard premiered stickers and 40 new languages in its latest update
    November 20, 2017

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