‘Geostorm’, absurd, funny, and crazy, crazy, crazy

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    Geostorm Poster

    As I said at the end of the entry about the 13 most emblematic films of the cinema of catastrophes, having seen ‘Geostorm’ (id, 2017) to time, you can be sure that the tape of Dean Devlin starring Gerard Butler would have been the one that would have given the end point of the selection, as being as much or more irregular than any of the chosen, still as well with the schemes of the productions of disasters and it’s so damn entertaining, that is the height of the best titles of the genre.

    In that this is the case, and almost two hours of ‘Geostorm’ to pass in a heartbeat even with its massive problems of script —which we shall now proceed to review— plays very much in favor of the curious personality comic of the tape: for anything not intended, statements of certain characters seek without hesitation directly to the complicity of the viewer to start laughing of the same; and make it while the world is going to hell, or in situations of an intended but not achieved dramatic power.

    what Drama? No, here there is not that

    Geostorm 3

    Because, let’s be frank, if there is something that works spectacularly wrong in ‘Geostorm’ is just that, the “drama”. And if it does is due to a serious failure of basis that, should it be another type of film, it would have demolished in a systematic manner the entire effort of those responsible for raising a product worthy: there is no chemistry between the actors and, therefore, there is no one who creates the emotional bonds between them arise.

    that sounds like a bullshit point to vad as a scourge of the production, but if we go to the “best” examples of the genre —always considering that part tragic is that most are simply the vast majority of them— we will find that a large part of its proper functioning rests, or yes, in that we create the characters, worries and idiosyncrasies and we feel in some way as our disproportionate share of the experience that they have to live by the hand of the libretto of turn.

    This, which is true for example in the Paul Newman and Steve McQueen ‘The colossus in flames’ (‘The Towering Inferno’, 1974), in the Bruce Willis ‘Armaggedon’ (ids, 1998) or in the father-daughter relationship of Maximilan Schell and Tea Leoni ‘Deep Impact’ (ids, 1998), cannot be traced in ‘Geostorm’ or between Butler and the young man who makes the times of his daughter, or between that and Jim Sturgess, her brother in fiction, or between it and Abbie Cornish, the secret service agent with whom he maintains a relationship to hidden.

    what Destruction? Come and see

    Geostorm 1

    Now, what is decisive is that no one is created synergies between characters so that we may not “enjoy” the film? At all. Is more, if the ribbon ends up resulting so nice is because of how badly drawn they are, the relationships and the intersections of dialogues between these two characters is give rise to moments of shocking, poorly resolved and that, because of this, they are up comedians. That is sought or not is something that escapes us, but there you are.

    Fortunately, the focus of the production you try to pass on tiptoe on the fabric of the various characters to give greater prominence to the chaos and destruction that, ultimately, is what the public is looking for when you go to the cinema to watch a tape of disasters. And here ‘Geostorm’ to comply, with their quips, but meets with ease.

    Geostorm 2

    Among them, among those problems, the writer would point to that in the first two-thirds of the footage only has a couple of sequences of those that warn about the catastrophe threat to the world, focusing the work of Dean Devlin and Paul Guyot in matters of history abound on the side of intrigue, which, interestingly, is that more ends up characterizing the whole and allows, for example, that we pass pump with the interventions of Ed Harris and Andy Garcia that has two sentences that justify by themselves the go to see the film.

    Another one of those “small” failures in ‘Geostorm’ incurred is in the curious selection of the locations on the focus of the climax to show the effects of the “global storm”. And that is, I don’t know about you, but a neighborhood depressed of Bombay, the skyscrapers of Dubai or the red square in Moscow are not as effective as seeing other capitals of the world to be swept away by weather phenomena. Well it is true that it seems a decision to call to avoid comparisons with the cardinal points of gender, but it is something that struck me quite the time.

    Be that as it may, the more correct of the work of the visual effects department —which throws the rest in what runs on the international space station—, the set and clear narrative of Devlin, the message environment with which it closes the projection —that is a slap in every rule to a certain american president— and that tone of nonchalance that surrounds the whole make of ‘Geostorm’ the diversion of the first order as mindless as recommended. How bad? Without doubt how Entertaining? Even more.

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    ‘Geostorm’, absurd, funny, and crazy, crazy, crazy
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    October 23, 2017

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