‘Ghosted’ works as a parody of ‘the X files’ but the mixture does not finish curdle

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    Ghosted Pilot

    we warned, the past month of may, during the upfronts, that FOX seemed to have gone the way of parody. First came ‘The Orville‘ that, although not finished work, picked up best the spirit of ‘Star Trek’ that ‘Discovery‘and now, with something best of luck, we have been able to see the first three episodes of ‘Ghosted’ that gives back to the series of house-type ‘File-X’, ‘Fringe’ and the like.

    ‘Ghosted’ we find the Bureau, an Underground government agency in charge of all the unexplained phenomena. To try to solve the disappearance of one of their agents, they recruit two men who have fallen into misfortune: Leroy (Craig Robinson), a guard of a shopping mall once a detective of missing persons and Max (Adam Scott) Stanford professor who, after the publication of a book on the multiverse and the supposed abduction of his wife, was dismissed.


    beyond the premise, the only thing that is clear is that ‘Ghosted’ does not cease to be a comedy of colleagues police manual. With two people of features and very different personalities that goes beyond classical dynamics of the skeptic versus believer classic of this type of fiction. However, there is something that fails.

    A sample we have in the imbalance between the two protagonists. One of the thanks (and key) of this type of fiction is the contrast between them and the dynamics that arise of their differences, and the obligation to form a tandem. During the first two episodes it seems that both are in different series. Both Adam Scott as Craig Robinson are actors that I like a lot and the more he gets excited the first by any thing, better fits with the “seriousness” of the second… but they lack shooting.

    The pilot of ‘Ghosted’, is without being at all bad, stumbles. And it is curious by how it does it, since it has all the elements to work and even follow to the letter the manual of the genres where it moves, but the machinery will not finish booting successfully, as if she was not well adjusted. And here is problem mainly of the script, which sometimes premium too the emotional background, creating a strange mix.

    it Is this conflict between the intentions of the series and its final form so that the la lastra, at least in its first two episodes. It is in the third one when ‘Ghosted’ begins to take shape and it does so with the simple trick of giving it a good “story B” to the episode, which also enables us to get closer to the ins and outs of the Bureau Underground and their workers, who were absolutely blurred up the time.

    ‘Ghosted’ is a good stretch of road ahead, but the signs of improvement are there present. The comedies of this type need something more than shooting and margin to overcome the line that separates the series “tontuna” of something else. But the margin is getting low.

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    ‘Ghosted’ works as a parody of ‘the X files’ but the mixture does not finish curdle
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    October 22, 2017

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