Google calendar for Android has widget monthly

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    Calendar Widget-Month

    One of the things I most missed in the implementation of the Google Calendar was a widget with a month view. Only available from the view calendar will show only the events and reminders, and it did not seem to see with a simple glance to see which day of the week it fell to a certain date.

    Now with its upgrade to the version 5.6.2 many of the prayers of the users have been fulfilled. Finally Google Calendar allows us to add a widget monthly to our home screen.


    Google Calendar for Android has added a minimalist widget month view that allows us to see all the days on the calendar next to the events that we have. Clicking on a day we will see all the details of that day or we can add a new event to the selected day. The minimum size of the widget is 4×4 and in the devices with big screen may make bigger the widget.

    This new version of Google Calendar will come to all over the world during the next few days. The more impatient you can update manually by installing the APK.

    On Google Play | Google Calendar (APK Mirror)
    Xataka Android | Google Calendar for Android now shows you when you are free while programs an event

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    Google calendar for Android has widget monthly
    October 27, 2016

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