Google Duo begins to activate the dark mode to the users

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    Google Duo begins to activate the dark mode users

    Now that the latest version of Android includes finally a dark mode of truth, the vast majority of applications are including this dark theme among its novelties, especially those of Google. The latest have been Mensajes, Assistant and Google Play. is Now the turn comes to Google Duo.

    As in so many other occasions, this is not a black background, but dark grey that changes the previous fund primarily white. As you might expect, it is added to all elements of the interface and menus.

    Google Duo with dark mode


    Google Duo follows the same pattern as the rest of the Google applications that have switched to dark mode. First of all, the activation of the mode in itself is progressive and from server, so that you can take a few days to appear the option. The option has started to appear now with the version 63.0 of the Google Duo, although it is possible that already existed in previous versions.

    As in other cases of applications from Google that you wear black, you can change the theme directly from your settings. In total there are three options: light theme, dark theme or default of the system. This option changes the interface to dark mode when you have activated for the entire terminal, from fast-setting or activating the power saving mode.

    Google Duo: video of high quality

    Google Duo: video high quality

    Via | Android Police

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    The news Google Duo begins to activate the dark mode to the users was originally published in Xataka Android by Ivan Ramirez .

    Xataka Android

    Google Duo begins to activate the dark mode to the users
    October 4, 2019

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