Google Play adds a new tab of the subscriptions with which you can discover new apps


Google Play is not to make any changes in your interface. Now that is being extended to all users new tabs that replace the old ‘green bubbles’ we see that you came not alone, but accompanied by a new section Subscriptions.

These subscriptions are going to stop the increasingly populous side panel, making company to My apps and games and my notifications. You are not subscribed to any app with Google Play? Then the own Google Play suggests you to do so.

New tab Subscriptions

Noti New tab (left) and former location of the subscriptions (right)

The new Subscriptions tab is situated between the three first-side panel of Google Play, the top. Appears if you have active subscriptions as if you don’t, and is much more hand-once, you should enter Account and then enter Subscriptions. In fact, this screen within the Account continues to exist and takes you to exactly the same site.

Looking for new apps to the that subscribe to


If you have any active subscription on Google Play you can manage and cancel from here, but if you are not a lady who for some reason is meditating invites you to find new apps and games to those who subscribe. After playing in Begin opens a selection of apps with subscriptions.

From the point of view of the user does not seem to make much sense that someone wants to consciously find apps and games that you need to pay month-to-month, but from the point of view of Google, which it is part of each fee, there is interest in the pass through box as much as possible. In any case, if for some reason you’re looking for apps with subscriptions, here you have them.

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Google Play adds a new tab of the subscriptions with which you can discover new apps

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