How to disable the keyboard vibration in your Android mobile

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  • How to disable the keyboard vibration in your Android mobile

    The majority of Android mobile come with the vibration is enabled by default, each time you touch a key on the keyboard, a small tactile response as if you were typing on a physical keyboard.

    This vibration does not like to all over the world, because writing the mobile makes noise with which you can end up bothering you. Luckily you can disable it easily.

    Vibrate on touch

    On most devices, not all, la vibration of the keyboard can be disabled from the system settings but given the different customizations, the name of the option may vary.

    Vibrating Touch

    We have to go to Settings > Sound or Settings > Sound and vibration and find the option to disable the keyboard vibration. This option can be called “Vibration when you touch the screen”, “keyboard Vibration”, “Vibrate on tap”, etc…

    once you disable this vibration, our mobile phone no longer vibrates nor will it make that noise when writing via keyboard, we can chat in silence.


    Gboard Vibration

    If our device uses the keyboard Google also can disable the keyboard vibration, so we just have to go to Settings > System > Language and text input > Virtual keyboard > Gboard. There already so we just have to go to Preferences and clear the tactile Response when you press.


    Swiftkey Vibration

    If, on the contrary, our device used the keyboard SwiftKey you can turn off your vibration from Keyboard SwiftKey > Writing > Sound and vibration. There you can disable the option Vibration when you press the keys or Use the vibrate default in Android.

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    How to disable the keyboard vibration in your Android mobile
    November 30, 2019

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