“It is very insulting. We do not count”. ‘Ghostbusters 3’ already has its first controversy

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    The reboot all-female ‘Ghostbusters’ was one of the films more contentious in 2016 and the new delivery seems to not want to stay behind. Only a week ago that Sony surprised us by announcing that there will be ‘Ghostbusters 3’, and even showing a teaser when it has not yet started production. We don’t even know what will be the distribution.

    But its director, Jason Reitman (son of the director of the first two installments), has revealed that it intended to bring back the characters original ‘ghostbusters,’ (1984) who still live, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson. This news has not sat at all well to one of the actresses that led to the version of 2016, Leslie Jones.

    The comedian and actress, known for her work on the mythical Satuday Night Live, he gave life to Patty in ‘Ghostbusters’. Upon learning of the intentions of Reitman, noted the following on Twitter:

    “Very insulting. As: we fuck. We do not have. It’s like something that would Trump. (Voice of Trump): ‘I’m going to redo cazafantasmaaaaaas, better with men, it will be huge. These women are not cazafantasmaaaaaas’. Ugh, very irritating. What movement more imbecile. And I don’t give a shit to say something.”

    For the moment, is the only reboot that has ruled on the project of ‘Ghostbusters 3’. the Jason Reitman yes, it referred to the female version by announcing its sequel, stating that it has “a lot of respect for what he created Paul [Feig] with these brilliant actresses, and I would love to see more stories of them“.

    Precisely, Paul Feig has already stated that they had thought an idea to continue your reboot wearing their ghostbusters to another country, to learn about other spirits and legends, but is not optimistic about its implementation. Now that Sony has opted for a sequel to the original, it seems that the Ghostbusters have finished their work. At least, for the moment, who knows, the maybe the male version also succeeds at the box office and considering to make the sequel mixed

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    The news “it Is very insulting. We do not count”. ‘Ghostbusters 3’ already has its first controversy was originally published in Espinof by Juan Luis Caviaro .


    “It is very insulting. We do not count”. ‘Ghostbusters 3’ already has its first controversy
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    January 23, 2019

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