‘Knightfall’ renewed for a second season with Mark Hamill playing a templar removed

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    I called too much attention to how he has been considering History its part of a series of fiction original: if such a genre of documentary works for them a lot, they throw out there to make the series. After the success with ‘Vikings‘ now it was his turn with the templars and ‘Knightfall‘ and these have not finished hit.

    however, that its reception has been more lukewarm to the series starring the battle-hardened nordic doesn’t mean that you have had a hearing decent. Both the chain specialized in History has decided to renew ‘Knightfall’ for a season 2.

    in Addition, together with the announcement of the renewal have confirmed an addition of weight to the cast: Mark Hamill (is there a place that is Luke Skywalker?) be construed to Talus, a member of the templar order that, after years a prisoner in the Holy Land, is in charge of training new recruits.

    Next to Hamill it would also incorporate Tom Forbes as Prince Louis (the “future” Luis (X), the wayward and unpredictable son of Philip IV and Genevieve Gaunt as his sister Isabella.

    in Addition, this second season of ‘Knightfall’ will feature a new showrunner, Aaron Helbing, among whose credits we are ‘Spartacus’. Will have to see if this new writer chief manages to give new air to the series, because I think that it is a fiction that could give much more of themselves.

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    ‘Knightfall’ renewed for a second season with Mark Hamill playing a templar removed
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    August 13, 2018

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