‘MasterChef VIP’ and other new public entity


The Board of Directors of RTVE and its meetings always leave succulents information. And that do not know about two possible renewals of which much has been said in recent days: ‘Cuéntame‘ and ‘ The Ministry of Time’. But they have provoked news about some of the new programs for which the entity bet.

One of them is the confirmation of a rumor that has been talking a long time. If ‘ MasterChef’ is one of the most followed talents television with great success in its international adaptations, if you have a child version that works like a shot, and some camps, and some apps, and some books, and a magazine … how to produce the version resisitirse VIP


That’s right. Shine Iberia has the approval to prepare six special deliveries where popular characters cook of our country. What undoubtedly assumed that the ban start shuffling names opens (speculation is one of our favorite sports), those who participate in a space that will feature the trio of judges and presenter known to all spare.

This is not the only novelty on TVE. We also need to talk about two new comedies you ordered our public television. We know very little of them, yes. ‘iFamily’ is a family comedy for prime time with eight chapters and ‘The pelu-wanted’ is a sitcom that, for now, will have 52 chapters, which smells of daily broadcast. Of course, what strip

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‘MasterChef VIP’ and other new public entity
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