Michael Mann returned to television with the miniseries ‘Hue 1968’

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    Michael Mann

    Michael Mann is a director well-respected thanks to films like ‘Heat’, ‘the last of The mohicans’, ‘The dilemma’ or ‘Collateral’, but before you make a name for himself on the big screen got a remarkable recognition in television. In addition to writing scripts for ‘Starsky & Hutch’ or ‘detective Story’, also played a pivotal role in ‘Corruption in Miami’. The news now is that he returns to the small screen with the mini-series ‘Hue 1968’.

    Michael De Luca and Mann have done with the rights of the homonymous book by Mark Bowden, author also of that which served as the basis for the movie ‘Black Hawk down’. The original literary focuses on a key fact during the Vietnam War, in which the local army wanted to finish the race all of a sudden. It is true that the american army was the tactical victory, but also that it was the event that marked a turning final to the war.


    The idea is to convert the novel a mini-series of between 8 and 10 episodes and is yet to see up to what point it is going to involve Mann in the project. It is assumed that he is currently focusing on biopic of Enzo Ferrari that has been trying for several years to get ahead. Let’s hope that at least is in charge of marking the tone of this adaptation -which was what he did in his time with ‘Luck’ to direct your pilot episode – and that your presence go beyond the production.

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    The news Michael Mann returned to television with the miniseries ‘Hue 1968’ was originally published in Go Tele by Mikel Zorrilla .

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    Michael Mann returned to television with the miniseries ‘Hue 1968’
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    April 24, 2017

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