Microsoft is touting its applications in the menu ‘Open with’ and ‘Share’ for Android

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    Microsoft is touting its applications in the menu 'Open with' and 'Share' Android

    a few days Microsoft began with the global rollout of its new function to to see and respond to notifications via minorring, but what’s not told us the company is that that update would bring a surprise…

    With the last update of the application a Companion to Your phone, Microsoft is skipping the rules of Google Play already has begun to display advertising in the menus of the operating system.

    Advertising in the menus of Android

    Microsoft Applications

    Microsoft has not happened best idea that you begin to promote your apps through the menu of ‘Open with’ and ‘Share’ , and this is something that in theory is forbidden by Google.

    When you open a document, spreadsheet, or presentation, in the menu “Open with” and we’ll see how we are inviting you to install Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, depending on the file. And the same when we go to share a file, that suggests the installation of OneDrive. Tapping on the icon of those apps will go to its tab in Google Play for installation.

    The policies of Google Play for revenue-raising and advertising allow applications to launch ads outside of its app, can’t intefererir in third-party applications or functions of devices, and this latter is what is Microsoft doing. Google Play says literally that “the ad must only be displayed within the application that publishes them.”

    Surely Microsoft are not late in updating that app to stop promoting its applications in the menus of the system, since Google Play could lock it for violating the rules of your store. This form of promote Microsoft applications has not been very well received by many users.

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    The news Microsoft is touting its applications in the menu ‘Open with’ and ‘Share’ the Android was originally published in Xataka Android by Cosmos .

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    Microsoft is touting its applications in the menu ‘Open with’ and ‘Share’ for Android
    July 8, 2019

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