New accessories available at the Apple Store

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  • Apple has updated its catalog of products on its online Apple Store, with new equipment including cases for AirPods Pro and the speaker Sonos One LS Wireless Speaker.

    The case for AirPods Pro from Incase is constructed with the material resigrado Incase: Woolenex, and has a price of $ 30. Also available is the case waterproof Catalyst Waterproff Case for airPods Pro, available in black and for a price of 30 dollars.

    in Addition to these cases, Apple also sells now the speaker Sonos One SL Wireless Speaker. The speaker has AirPlay support 2, which allows you to work with other speakers AirPlay 2 as the HomePod. This computer has a price of $ 180.


    New accessories available at the Apple Store
    January 8, 2020

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