Pancho, a dog with a talent for interpretation

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  • DANIEL G. Aparicio

    • Cook, better known as Pancho, the famous dog ads Primitive, now stars in his own film, Pancho, the millionaire dog .
    • was also Valentine’s dog Vicenta Here no one alive .
    • His coach tells how is the life of a dog film and television.

    The dog Pancho.

    Ensures known showbiz joke that should never work with children or animals. However, there are always those willing to end this topic , like the famous dog Cook, better known as Pancho the dog or simply Lottery. According Antonio Valor, his owner and trainer, this has always been the goal, “make work with him enjoyable and prejudices about animal rolling forget.”

    Cook is already a veteran in the world of acting. In his thirteen years of life , this clever Jack Russell Terrier has made announcements, participated in television series (achieved much popularity as Valentin’s dog Vicenta Here no one alive ) and now is preparing to star in his own movie, Pancho, the millionaire dog , a feature of child court in which the canine star cast shares with Ivan Massagué, Patricia Conde, Secun de la Rosa and Alex O’Dogherty, among others.

    This film marks the high point in a long career that began like any other member of the guild or either human animal, from below, very focused on small papers and advertising. It was the constant training that made me start to stand out and fired his fame. “At first, Cook had basic training exercises of a typical dog movie and TV: sit, lie down, stay, bark on command, carry things … Everyone always slightly open, because if we established very fixed mechanization, could have been a problem for future scenarios, “explains Antonio Valor, who cares for Cook since this was four months.

    Interestingly, despite the many tricks that knew how the animal was one that did not master simple. “knew not give the leg . had never occurred to me to teach them, so I had to do when we went to shoot the ad Primitive” he laughs coach.

    On the other hand, there is a part of training less visible but far more important. “We must at all times prevent any negative element. Dog is pure memory, has no intelligence , so whatever happened in his life time and its development can influence him and determine his behavior thereafter . the deeper work of your training is the act of observing, and knowing exactly control all the experiences it is taking over your life, “adds value.

    However, as happens to many actors, fame has a weight and not all consequences are positive. “pigeonholed to Cook and jumped a year in unemployment. It was not Cook, was Pancho, and no company wanted because they thought that people would identify with another brand,” he says. “They had wiped out all the work he had done with a dog who was a pioneer in Spain,” adds value. Only based more preparation and insistence he got back to the profession.


    pampered puppy

    With thirteen years standing, Cook and you may be considering a dog higher, but still has a lot ahead. “The small breeds live longer. Moreover, his in particular is very dynamic, so activity has a dog five years. It is a race that will be deteriorating and showing fatigue” explained the coach.

    “You will make a semi analytical, and Grandpa is perfect,” said Valor, who notes that age was a positive point when rolling Pancho, Dog Millionaire . “We have a dog with a certain age who has gained much temperance , and that is something that has played for. Same with a younger dog we would have had more problems during filming. Between temperance and we have experience shooting the two, everything has become very easy, “says

    There is also much control what you eat, your diet is very strict. takes a measured feed and always from top brands Marketplace. “I lack to put him in a box” jokes value, which refers to Cook as his spoiled child, which also has a small quirks. “Loves ham”

    Even when replying orders behaves like a boy obeyed his father. “It responds equally to Cook and Pancho, you could say it actually has two names. But in training, I call him familiarly Cookie, and he is happy, at your leisure, going from one place to another. At the time which does one thing that I do not want to tell him very seriously, “Cook!” and stands still and alert. ‘s like when you call a child’s full name “, says coach funny tone.

    Also, as is the case with small, the game is the best way to teach new things. “For the dog that becomes a game , not a job. constantly encourage him to play with food and a very amiable relationship” account value.

    That concept is used as a playful trick to shoot some of the more complicated scenes. Antonio value exemplified a sequence in which Cook was to be in a room where there was a man sleeping, take her blanket to uncover and take her out of the room. . The main difficulties were that the space was so small that the coach could not be in the room, the actor pretended to be so asleep that he could not make signals to Cook and, worse, the dog, being small had difficulty carrying the blanket.

    “I was treading very easily blanket and let go, and the scene had to be fluid. while I was swinging for a blanket, only to learn to carry it. had to have a reference point you get it, because if he caught eg in the middle, everything was chaos. For that we use a trick. He loves to play with dolls latex, so we took the blanket and we in a corner we sewed a piece of latex to bite Then he wanted was to apply all other previous years… looking, take and bring the toy After all the training, when it came to bowling, he did right the first time was amazing “

    Thanks to good preparation, Cook is able to make even the most complicated scenes, it only uses special effects to scenes in which the dog has to make humanized actions, such as washing the dishes. According to Valor, perhaps the most difficult part of the film work with a dog is the relationship with the actors. “In this film style never have time for the dog and get to know the actors, so we take tools and stimuli that I use for training and transfer to the actor. For the Dog answer, they have to make movements similar to those that I do “details.

    When everything is ready (prior training, visual reference of the coach and players), the click sounds and Cook becomes more an interpreter in front of cameras.


    Pancho, a dog with a talent for interpretation
    June 7, 2014

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