“People will be angry”. The director of ‘Joker’ reveals that the film will not be faithful to the comic

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    ‘Joker’ is one of the films most anticipated for the remainder of 2019. The tape on the origins of the legendary villain from the comics of Batman promises to be a addition very different from the DC universe, so much so that it probably resembles very little to what we knew of him until now.

    The fact of having Joaquin Phoenix is a little less than a guarantee that it will be worth it, but you may have more than one end up angry with the end result if we pay heed to Todd Phillips, director and co-writer of the film. In particular, it has announced that ‘Joker’ is not going to be faithful to the comics and that it expected the public to react negatively to this in an interview with Empire:

    A Joker is different

    we do Not follow any of the comics, so that people will be angry. Only we write our own version of where it could come from someone as Joker. That’s what’s interesting to me. We’re not doing the Joker, but the story of becoming a Joker. It is about the man.

    Phillips also commented that both he and Scott Silver, the other screenwriter of the film, had from the first moment in mind to Joaquin Phoenix for the role: “we Had a picture of him on our computer while we wrote. We were all the while thinking: God, imagine if Joaquin really makes it”.

    For the moment, Warner is not been given great detail about the storyline of ‘Joker’, but the first trailer that we could already see he dropped some hints as to the care of his elderly mother could play a key role in its transformation. In addition, it remains to be seen what is the reason of your visit to Arkham Asylum…

    Created in 1940 as a crazy murderer to complicate the life to Batman, the character became more light for a time and then recover all of your darkness and be able to genuine atrocities. In the film the character is called Arthur Fleck and is an aspiring stand-up comic whose life does not come out precisely as he expected…

    ‘Joker’ opens the October 3.

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    “People will be angry”. The director of ‘Joker’ reveals that the film will not be faithful to the comic
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    July 8, 2019

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