Rocket League celebrates its first anniversary

1.1 million users play every day.
Rocket League is celebrating its first anniversary and those responsible have revealed that there are 1.1 million daily players.

Psyonix, which has launched the game on PC and consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4, has sent a message to the community: “you have made new friends, cross platforms to new frontiers, and us you have inspired in ways you never could you imagine (and in ways that soon you will know) “have shown, suggesting that soon there will be new updates with surprises for players.
” we debated for a time what is the best way to show our thanks, until we realized that the answer was to continue doing what you want to do: continue to support the game with new scenarios, nuesvos items in the garage, more game modes and new additional content ; Rocket Labs experiment with more and increase our presence in the world of competitive gaming. “
To mark the first anniversary, the study offers an infographic with details about the game, as his 1.1 million common in everyday users, their more than 545 million games played and other curious information

 Rocket League celebrates its first anniversary

Rocket League celebrates its first anniversary
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