Sets in 10 seconds an application AndroidKickstartR


The other day sailing between news and programming tips I came across an interesting project sea while simple. Android is KickstartR, a website that will help us quickly create a properly configured Android app in less than 10 seconds.

Android KickstartR

As we said, Android has KickstartR intended to help us properly configure an application from scratch. It is very easy to start playing with eclipse to program but it is difficult to do well, with an order and following a few parameters. With Android KickstartR have less than 10 seconds on a good basis on which to work. The whole process is not more than 2 clicks.

Step 1: Parameters


In this first part we introduce our application name, the name of the package and the main activity. We use Eclipse as specify whether IDE and if we use Maven to synchronize.

Step 2: Libraries


Here comes the interesting part. KickstartR Android will let us add default to 6 standard libraries for Android that help in different aspects. Among them we find:

AndroidAnnotations: to encode just the notifications


  • RestTemplate: to use the Spring Rest Template in Android
  • NoneOldAndroids: To use the animations of Honeycomb 3.0 on all versions of Android
  • ACRA: to allow Android automatically post crash reports to different sources.
  • ActionBarSherlock: an extension of the library to facilitate the use of the action bar.
  • Android

  • v4 support: access to different kinds of Android 3.0 and back
  • logically be adding more: Roboguice 2.0, ViewPagerIndicator, ViewPager sample, etc …

    The grace of all this is that in a few clicks you will have in your Eclipse all bases to start programming an application with the latest Android libraries that are .

    The project is still in beta, but surely more than a programmer will serve fairly. Hopefully it continues to evolve positively. target=”_blank”>

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    Sets in 10 seconds an application AndroidKickstartR
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