Syfy gives closed the war between angels and humans ‘Dominion’

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  • Dominionsyfy

    There will be no more fights between angels and humans for control of Earth. Syfy has canceled ‘Dominion’ , the film adaptation of ‘Legion’, which had already issued two seasons in the chain. The second was completed a few weeks ago, with its showrunner , Vaun Wilmott, noting that Lucifer was to be the great villain of the following chapters. Unfortunately, the fans will stay with the desire to see how the series would have handled the Fallen Angel.

    The truth is that ‘Dominion had lost quite pull between audience in its second season. In the demo between 18 and 49 was left at 47% of the audience that saw the first season, and total audience fell below one million. With all the new Syfy series that has in its portfolio later this year, and by 2016, was within the logic has been chosen to close the story of ‘Dominion’.

    The series still future is unknown is ‘Defiance’ . His third season ended last summer, and although audiences went a little better than ‘Dominion’, also experienced a noticeable drop from the second installment, finishing with 27% fewer viewers on average. That Syfy is taking so long to announce what he does with it may not be entirely good sign, but nothing is known officially

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    Syfy gives closed the war between angels and humans ‘Dominion’
    October 14, 2015

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