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    sexta seasonal ‘ Game of Thrones ‘ you are almost here already. On Sunday, the series returns to HBO with a few episodes to be definitively separate books of George R.R. Martin and are surrounded by an enormous secrecy. At the end of the day, readers of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ not know how the story goes, and the makers of the series want to make sure that it stays that way until the issuance of the episodes.

    If we know almost nothing of the sixth season, yes we can, on the other hand, remember the five previous installments and in particular, choose favorite chapters of the editors of Tele Go! could consider also the best of the series, although missing some that, in the end, could not enter. Let’s take a look.

    ‘Baelor’ (1×09)


    The episode that changed everything . So far, we had seen that ‘Game of Thrones’ was a series that did not skimp on putting viewers against tough times, but ‘Baelor’ made it all blew up and enfrentáramos us a truth that has only grown at times: nadie is safe in the Seven Kingdoms and, less than anyone, those who bet on the honor and loyalty.

    I remember watching the sequence of the death of Eddard and think ” how they will do ?, what will happen to be saved? “. And while I imagined the classic moves that the history of cinema and television has created for that salvation at the last second, zasca! The head of the North Guardian rolls off.

    these moments that generate incredulity and even a flash of light that our brain projected to spare itself a horror that is happening, but we do not want to assume. And from there, the dispersion: Sansa abducted from her golden cage, Arya learning to fight for his life, the War of the Five Kings … and the permanent memory of a man who was too good for this world so wild. ( Noelius )

    ‘Blackwater’ (2×09)


    ‘Game of Thrones’ had already shown in his first season that anything could happen, including the death of one of its protagonists, but it was missing something: a great battle that really ariseth the sense of importance of governing the Seven kingdoms . That came with ‘Blackwater’, an episode of the segunda delivery changes the usual scenario skipped to focus on the attack of the troops of Stannis Baratheon to King’s Landing.

    I will not deny that all part of combat is pride and it is essential for the episode goes beyond, but is that all stripe at a high level , from the presence behind racks of Cersei, who is absolutely willing to do anything not to suffer the effects of the likely defeat, up to Tyrion that has to compensate the cowardice of his nephew Joffrey to lead troops and drop a memorable speech.

    An episode that weepy epic on all four sides and no has nothing to envy any blockbuster with much larger budgets, both past and the present -right now s on an impressive – and I doubt that someday get one that really makes ‘Blackwater’ know a little. ( Mikel Zorrilla )

    ‘And now His watch is ended’ (3×04)


    Dracarys “. The time when Daenerys Targaryen added to his list of titles of “liberator of slaves” is emblazoned, never better, among the most shocking scenes of ‘Game of Thrones’. And the series has had many. The release of the Unsullied of Astapor , with his master burned alive by the fiery breath of a dragon, and Dany showing, almost for the first time can be a queen Targaryen really powerful and awesome, closes overhand a chapter that looked almost like a season finale amid a delivery, the third, which is full of episodes and even more unforgettable moments.

    Because in this’ And His watch is now ended ‘spend much more. Discover how they really are the brothers of the Night’s Watch in the riot organized against Lord Mormont, frightened by their first contact with the White Walkers in the Fist of the First Men, and tempted by the possibility of staying in the Tower of Craster, isolated from everything and devote themselves to survive there with women-daughters of Craster itself. And Varys know better.

    The last five minutes of Daenerys triumphal almost make you forget that Varys is one of the best characters of ‘Game of Thrones’. How tells Tyrion the story of how he became a eunuch, and his revenge on those who forced him to be one, it allows us to begin to see something lower their conspiracies and goings, and place it on the way to be in the position It occupies when it will begin the sixth season. His conversation with Lady Olenna is one of the most exciting and fun things in a highly entertaining delivery. But let’s stay with a sentence of Daenerys just the previous episode: “. All men must die but we’re not men.” (Marina Such) .

    ‘Mockingbird’ (4×07)

    Game Of Thrones Mockingbird 2

    I am aware that many will seem a strange choice, especially when dealing with a chapter that is between the judgment of Tyrion and fighting between Oberyn and Mountain. However, for me ‘Mockingbird‘ It represents the best game of thrones; political and family drama where the action is more exciting is the dialectic . I’m more of I’ll kill you I’m killing , and in a series where constantly are moving pieces, a episode in which the characters discovered to others is more than memorable.

    There are frequent monologues which tell the cruel past histories of family , and here we heard some very powerful, from the Dog telling the story of his face burn up Oberyn telling Tyrion on their first meeting when he was just a baby, and offering to be their champion. We also see Sansa building a Winterfell in the snow, in tribute to everything that has happened to the Stark, later to be trampled upon.

    There is a great moment of tension and Meñique satisfaction when vacuum pulls Lysa but personally my memory again turn to the talks, as the poignant conversation between brothers Jaime and Tyrion. In short, ‘Game of Thrones’ often shines in his dialogues, the subtext of these and art not on a word or gesture is missing, and Mockingbird it is a great example. ( Adriana Izquierdo )

    ‘The Lion and the Rose’ (4×02)


    Being completely honest, without the last fifteen minutes of chapter would not have chosen as “the best”. Not that these final scenes detract from the rest of the chapter . In reality, it is another these master classes on how to play the game of thrones: with an exchange of glances with which they could plan a war without speaking, loaded with poison phrases and poison it. But there is more theory and less practical than other chapters. Of course, that false sense of apparent calm is not.

    Nothing good could portend for the Lannister-Tyrell alliance that sounded the first chords of Rains Castemere (by Sigur Rós) for wedding of Joffrey and Margaery. it’s not that we need more reasons to hate Joffrey. But his attitude during the chapter of bratty despot and almost psychopathic child, humiliating Tyrion and Sansa with burlesque representation of dwarf kings, is what makes his death at that time in an act of karmic justice. It is, in fact, at least like a sad ‘Game of Thrones’ death.

    The tension is in crescendo to that final apotheosis, but before it has done us hold our breath at times. Hediondo shaving scene Ramsay is a masterclass how to create suspense. With each movement of the knife Hediondo wish internally Theon cut back and neck that bastard; but at the same time pray that does not do it and not end up dead before the end of the episode. We also fear the worst for Brienne when Cersei takes out the nails. Do not make knives needed to be dangerous. ( Lorraine Papí )

    Special mention: ‘The Rains of Castamere’ (3×09)


    you thought we were going to keep us out the Red Wedding , the moment finally cemented the position of ‘Game of thrones’ as a phenomenon of popular culture? It is the favorite of all publishers. That noveno episode of the third season was a brutal blow to viewers who had not read the books and did not know that if at a wedding banquet hall doors are closed, the guests wear chainmail under the clothing and musicians begin to play ‘rains Castamere’, means that this will become a bloodbath.

    in that episode spend more things (Daenerys takes Yunkai, for example), but the memory of the fans is anchored in those last fifteen minutes, more or less, of the chapter. The added cruelty that Arya and the dog stay at the gates of the Twins , and she has to see the head of direwolf his brother Robb stitched his lifeless body, still casts more salt to the wound. Red Wedding is yet another reminder that in Poniente not go by halves and that although there is negligible and vindictive people, few are at the height of Walder Frey.

    This chapter also discovered many viewers videos on YouTube reactions of fans, fans who then downloaded all his anger against HBO on social networks. Some even they threatened to cancel their subscription. ‘Game of Thrones’ knew it was an important event because it is one of the few who just quietly , no music in the end credits. The other to do is, for example, ‘Hardhome‘, of the fifth season, which also could have gotten here without problems.

    And now it’s your turn. What is your favorite episode of ‘Game of Thrones’? Or moments you are more than a whole chapter?

    Tele Go! | ‘Juego of Thrones’, you have to know about the sixth season

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    The news The best episode of … ‘Game of Thrones’ was originally published in Tele Go by Such Marina.

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    The best episode of … ‘Game of Thrones’
    April 23, 2016

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