The early access of Dreams will no longer be available on the 9th of December

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  • those Who acquire these days will be able to continue experimenting with your editor and then update for free with all the final content, which includes an adventure with a story.

    Dreams is currently available on PlayStation Store and early access for a reduced price, and only with the tools of your editor -in addition to the ability to play and share creations-. At the beginning of 2020 will be launched in its final version, also with a story mode created by Media Molecule, and at a price somewhat higher. Those who wish to begin to experiment with the creations must hurry, because the early access will no longer be on sale in very few days.

    The last day to buy the early Access will be on the 9th of December at 00:59am. Anyone who purchases the early Access on that date may continue to play, the Dreams past day 9 and update to the full version when this is released, at no cost,” says Media Molecule. “In the study we have been collecting all the feedback, fixing bugs and working for the full version of Dreams is the best experience for all: those who want to play, who want to create and those who want to learn”.

    The Dream of Art

    Medioa Molecule has listened to the comments of the players during the last few months and has fixed errors. Among the changes that will have the final release version is a control scheme with no motion for the game, more tutorials and learning materials for players of all levels, to improve existing features as the Jams of the community, the initial space or the missions of goblin adding more content. Those who wish to start first by an adventure with history, the team will debut the first piece of narrative of Mm in Dreams: The Dream of Art.

    The early access of Dreams will be available December 9

    The early access of Dreams will no longer be available on the 9th of December
    December 6, 2019

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