To Round earrings in your tasks are pelotitas

To Round

We have become accustomed to applications to create lists of tasks to simulate sticky notes: each task side box where marked with an X when it is completed, but there is another way, based on pelotitas or bubbles.

to Round is an original application for add you reminders yourself of all those things you have pending to do but are unable to remember it for yourself. Each task includes basic information such as a description, a date and a category, but the difference comes time to represent them.

Here tasks are bubbles , and get double satisfaction to complete them: first, to be a productive person and have completed your task and second to see how it slides down the drain

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the view toDo shaped board is full of balls pretty funny. Instead of having to interpret a task list to see what is more important than what, in this view at a glance you can see what is most “fat” you have in your bottleneck of the remaining tasks. And never better, because you yourself can change the size of the balls of importance.

Now if you’re really worried about your productivity, be careful. In the view of balls each ball is physical laws basic, so that you can tossing and wait for fall or hit some balls with other . Yes, it is very likely that instead of doing your homework you have a good time procastinando hitting some tasks with others. I do not blame you, is quite entertaining.

In any case, if this hybrid between list and pinball does not convince you too, nothing prevents you switch to mode traditional list using the button on the taskbar. This list is the same as any other application lists note, with the ability to view your completed tasks in progress and pending.

To Round: List

To Round: List 1.3.5

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To Round earrings in your tasks are pelotitas
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