Tom Hanks explains why he does not do the villain in his movies

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  • Tom Hanks explains why he does not do the villain in his films

    There are several reasons why a Tom Hanks is known as “the pretty-boy of America”. Your flat of papers is varied, but between interpreting Woody of ‘Toy Story‘(1995), the very Walt Disney, a child become an adult in ‘Big‘ (1988), or the unforgettable Forrest Gump, the actor of 63 has represented people with values in your career.

    Too good guy to be the bad guy


    you can’t say that I have never tried it with the evil. Was hitman leal, the head of the mafia, irish (Paul Newman), John Rooney, in ‘Road to perdition‘ (Road to put perdition, 2002), although there was a certain gray scale. In ‘They give the beat‘ (A League of They Own, 1992) interpreted to a drunk quite unpleasant but with final redemption and ‘Ladykillers‘ (2004) was an intriguing thief who murdered.

    Hanks is aware that has a lack in the variety of roles and has a good reason for it. In a recent interview recent New York Times, the actor made an interesting clarification of why shy away from such roles:

    “I Recognized in myself a long time ago that we will not infundo no fear. Now, that is different from being friendly, you know? I think I have a stash of mystery. But it is not of malevolence. It’s because I never get them, because the bad, in general, require a certain degree of evil that I don’t think you can fake it”.

    These statements, however, is differ from the actor offered in 2013 in the magazine Total Film 214:

    “I’m Not interested in doing the bad, never. I don’t want to see the baddies that they are bad, do you know? Why are they bad? There are villains and evil with different facets to it that are intriguing to interpret. But the bad guys don’t look scruffy or are horrendous, they look like you or me. You could have a knife in your shoe, do you know? “

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    Tom Hanks explains why he does not do the villain in his movies
    November 26, 2019

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