Totm+Travl launched his campaign with Kickstarter for a new Apple WWatch dock

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    padawanlab is launching a new campaign with Kickstarter to develop its new dock smart Apple Watch, which includes power bank and support HomeKit. The Dock has a wooden design very minimal with a lot of functions.

    The dock is constructed with oak and is formed by two components that give greater flexibility of use. Tomt is the top that hides the charging cable of the Apple Watch and that can be used independently. This part is inserted in Travl which is a power bank that includes Bluetooth with support IFTTT and HomeKit. When you use both parts together you can set up an automatic process when you put the Apple Watch on the charger, when it is already charged 100% and when you take it out of the charger.

    The battery included in Travl offered load for a week for Apple Watch and can notify you when the load is low and needs a recharge, using the USB cable-C. Travl is given using the iOS app also has integration with calendar, notifications of weapon, such as carrying loads of Travl before a trip.

    padawanlab has as its estimated release date on the 28th of march, and Totm would already be available in December. The campaign, Kickstarter offers a great variety of options and awards to the users who register early.


    Totm+Travl launched his campaign with Kickstarter for a new Apple WWatch dock
    October 14, 2017

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