Twitter justifies why it does not block to world leaders: “it does No good to silenciarles”

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    • Many users have criticized the social network in recent months for failing to establish a filter to prevent the abuses committed by some public figures.
    • The case highlights is the president’s Trump, who habitually goes to Twitter to charge against the media or disseminate data that are doubtful about their Government.
    • “Block to a world leader or remove their controversial tweets just hide important information that people should be able to see and discuss”, it stands for Twitter.

    Donald Trump

    in the Face of growing criticism by some politicians and leaders of social networks to spread messages biased, or directly false, Twitter issued on Friday a communiqué to justify his decision not to exercise any kind of censorship about it.

    “Block a world leader on Twitter or deleted his controversial tweets just hide a information important that people should be able to see and discuss. In addition, it would serve to silence such a leader and, however, hinder the necessary discussion around their words and their acts,” explained the company in a statement.

    This statement of intent is produced after that in recent months many users have criticized the social network for you do not set a filter in order to avoid the abuses committed by some public figures that use these brief messages of 280 characters to transmit messages that otherwise they could not find a platform.

    One of the most notable cases is, without doubt, the president of the united States, Donald Trump, who does not hesitate to go to your personal profile from Twitter to criticize the media, spreading questionable data about their Government and, even, to threaten and insult other world leaders.

    In fact, the own Trump became one of the main causes of this controversy after the 29 of November of last year decided to retweet a series of videos by the minority party of ultra-right Britain First.

    The videos in question had been tweeted by the policy Jayda Fransen, a member of that party, and were entitled “Immigrant muslim hits Dutch boy on crutches,” “Muslim destroys the statue of the Virgin Mary” and “Gang muslim launches into a teenager from a roof and gives him a beating to death.”

    This action Trump generated a wave of reactions on the part of many citizens who have demanded Twitter to remove the messages and block the account of the agent, as they do with other users that use this social network to spread messages of racist, sexual or hateful.

    The company, which has been recognized “check” the messages of world leaders, has pointed out that in these cases account must be taken of “the context” that defines and has denied that its decision not to adopt measures in this regard is due to your interest in generating greater traffic in the networks.


    Twitter justifies why it does not block to world leaders: “it does No good to silenciarles”
    January 6, 2018

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