What do you know of series? Guess the frame (3×49)


How could it be otherwise when the 18 pm on Friday, here we bring seriéfilo challenge our weekly , that section of What a Tele! in which we test your knowledge by selecting two frames that may or may not belong to the same series and you have to identify, and also be the fastest to do so.

My companion Adriana nos last week brought two images belonging to ‘ Marcella and The Girfriend Experience ‘. Several of you have given the right answer, but the fastest have been beaniega , which is left with five points, ender85 , which adds two more to his locker, and aryastark , which is the point of consolation. The classification is then as follows

  1. beaniega (26)
  2. serieusly (25) <<- - more!> / li>
  3. Ender85 (24)
  4. djpopez (22)
  5. barloven (22)
  6. fernarda (16)
  7. Trox (14)
  8. k_nelon (11)
  9. biochema (10)
  10. outrak (9)


As you can see, the thing is apretadísima a missing as of this release and the next to finish the third round of the frame at Guess What a Tele! Both beaniega as serieusly, Ender85, djpopez and barloven can still claim victory. To start it, just they have to guess which series belong frames today.

Tele Go! | Guess the frame

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The news series What do you know? Guess the frame (3×49) was originally published in ​​ Go Tele by Mikel Zorrilla .

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What do you know of series? Guess the frame (3×49)
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