What science can not yet explain: the improvement of death

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    What science can not yet explain: the improvement of Death

    The alleged improvement of terminal patients, just before his death, is known as’ improvement of death “and still is a mystery to science . Is there really? And if so, what might that be?

    Death is a very sensitive issue. It is very difficult to talk about it, especially when you have to leave all your feelings aside and confront her coldly and from a scientific point of view. This is what happens when we talk about the “ improvement death.” Thus normally we call a strange event happens to certain people. This is apparent recovery of the patient, who suddenly seems lucid and active, as if they really were improving. But it is only an illusion and finally, we have to say goodbye to him. Many people claim to have lived in a rather impressive way in his life. However, science is not yet able to explain this phenomenon , if it actually happens. Let’s see more closely trying to put on the table what little we know about it.

    What is the improvement of death?

    From the scientific point of view, improvement death does not exist. First, there are no statistics, no description, or stockings that conceptualize something as improvement of death. From science, the question is: show me that there is something called “improvement of death”; what exactly and how often it happens (to know if it happened or not). Only we have the testimony of relatives and friends. Personal experiences and not proven. Without more information, it is impossible to apply modern scientific method to the problem . Or if we apply the most immediate answer is: There is something called “improvement of death”. In this sense, science is waiting for more data to the next step, if it is confirmed that the improvement death occurs: why. For this reason, quite simply, there is virtually no literature on it. This is likely to be a very difficult issue to deal with (because From a strictly scientific point of view, the improvement of death does not exist is the dying process and interaction . the last moments of life)

    So, arranged in this situation, we will work with what we have: the testimony. Many people, including healthcare professionals, claim to have lived. Moreover, even is said to occur among animals also . The latter only makes the matter even more complex, since the animals have an unusual resistance from our point of view, along with how difficult it is to make a comparison. Overall, it is considering the improvement of death as an event in which a few days or hours before you can even just for a moment, the patient is lucid again. In this process makes consistent questions, seems in better health, according to statements, usually it has some awareness that it will die. There are some cases, even stranger, where the patient was found at the edge of death, experiencing this alleged improvement and survived.

    In search of an explanation

    If you still considering that science is not willing to explain something that does not officially exist now, we are still in search of an explanation, we have to do an exercise in imagination. Suppose the improvement of death actually exists. Why it could happen? In cases of extreme stress and sense of danger, our body is prepared to activate an emergency system, which secretes adrenaline and other hormones in extremis with which an injured person is able to overcome the pain, malaise, fatigue and other problems. Could you run a similar system that was activated prior to certain death signals ? The problem is that most affected patients usually have such large metabolic dysfunctions that seems almost impossible that have the smallest reserves (or the appropriate state bodies) to do so. Another option would be related to the central nervous system. There are some interesting studies that talk about certain recoveries Could there be an emergency system that activates the imminence of death? temporary in Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and other degenerative diseases neurological. Although the mechanism is unknown, the symptoms are quite similar.

    However, in the case of the improvement of death do not have the disease or with the same molecular mechanisms. What if it was a special and internal energy saved for that moment? I’m sorry, but no. We abuse the word “energy”. Define a vague and mysterious concept within the field of pseudoscience, we will not give any solution, so we’ll leave that aside. Alternatively, sadder but also consistent, such improvement is the find because we want to find .

    In a system similar to the placebo effect (and thousands of things that govern our lives) We appreciate more certain details than others, giving false values ​​to certain situations. This is quite possible because of the dramatic situation that we live in times of pain. Not that occurrence of certain events (such as a person wakes up and smile), but grant them a heightened value (perhaps the patient smiled 5 times in the last 4 hours and did not We remember just as well). In any case, this explanation does not end to convince. In any case, the improvement of death is something that is beyond, for now, scientific explanations. This does not mean it does not exist. Sooner or later we will find it. But for now we must continue waiting, watching


    What science can not yet explain: the improvement of death
    Source: www.hipertextual.com  
    April 29, 2015

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