Whatsapp: the differences between delete and cancel messages

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    • The application WhatsApp will from this summer to eliminate or override the messages of the conversations in the chat
    • The first option takes a lot of time in the app, but the arrival of the second can encourage the misunderstanding.
    • you Have five minutes to cancel messages in WhatsApp.

    Delete or cancel messages of WhatsApp

    The application WhatsApp has been introduced, little by little, new developments to the platform according to have been increasing requests of the users. The last of them has passed by to allow to delete the messages sent from the chat, that is not the same as able to cancel.

    Clipset I had these days details of the implementation of the new function of WhatsApp can override the messages of the conversations, with a time limit of 5 minutes from the moment in which what you send. Another limitation of the novelty is that, after deleting the message, a check mark will appear to the other users that you maintain the conversation, letting them know that “the message was cancelled”.

    do you have something to see this feature with the trash can icon that appears when you select a message or several in a chat? No, and there comes the confusion of some users. To be able to know the differences between deleting a message and cancel it, in Xataka Móvil further clarify the differences between the two options.

    The function ‘Delete’ takes a lot of time in Whatsapp. It is the one that allows us to delete a message to apply only to our mobile and staying in the conversation of our interlocutor. The problem comes by the icon used (a cube of garbage) that with the arrival of the void can give rise to misunderstandings.

    on the contrary, the option ‘Cancel’ deletes the message in both senses, that is to say, both from our device as to the user or users with whom we talked, but leaving the trace with the notice ‘This message was cancelled’.

    To cancel that message that we repent of final form just press a few seconds on it and access the ‘Void’. In the case of Android would have to enter before in the menu. Although the platform WhatsApp is still in the process of being activated.

    The time limit is still maintained, and you will only have 5 minutes to access this option. To enable this feature all users must have the latest version of the app installed, without need to update.


    Whatsapp: the differences between delete and cancel messages
    Source: www.20minutos.es  
    July 3, 2017

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