Why you should try Chrome Canary

Why should try Chrome Canary

It’s like using Google Chrome the future

The first thing you need to know is that Google Chrome has cuatro development channels: stable, beta, the development, and to us today: Canary . Unlike all other channels, Canary does not replace your main installation of Chrome, but allows you to use it as a separate browser, so you could have two Chrome installed on your computer.

Canary is, Theoretically, the more unstable versions. is updated every day has done hours: 2:00 am PST. This version of Chrome is automatically updated daily on Windows and OS X. always contains the latest features in which Work is the development team , and what differentiates it from other unstable versions, is that Canary has gone through periods of extremely short test.

Why would someone use something so unstable?

test chrome canary

First you need not replace your primary browser with Canary. When you install a beta version of Chrome or development, this replaces your stable version, however Canary can be run side by side as an alternative browser. And second, if you like trying new things, Canary gives you a glimpse into the future of Chrome .

Many of the things that are implemented in Canary never reach version stable for a number of reasons, but if you install it you will come always first to try other new browser features Google . There are many interesting things that come to Canary that do not reach any other version of Chrome, and although most do not fall into the final version, everything does come, first by Canary happen.

Not everything that passes Chrome Canary reaches stable, but what comes first to see what he

In very outlandish cases, your installation might Canary works better than your installation Chorme stable (it has happened to me a few times). Although Google warns that Canary is extremely unstable, which can be broken at any time, and it is not recommended to use it as your primary browser, the truth is that most of the time it works great.

Canary is not for everyone but its installation flexibility prevents suffer if all breaks. It is exactly like Chrome and you can log in with the same account, all your extensions and sync bookmarks, while the changes you make in one does not have to affect the other. It can be your guinea pig, your browser to tinker and do things you would not do with the stable for fear of damaging it. And, it has a yellow icon.


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Why you should try Chrome Canary
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