Would you buy third-party batteries to increase the autonomy of your electric car?

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    Would you buy third-party batteries to increase the autonomy of your electric car?

    Autonomy is the handicap of the electric car and start dating companies that promise to double the autonomy of your vehicle by installing a new battery pack duplicating autonomy.

    Many smartphones or tablets allow you to change the battery and for years was not unusual for the manufacturer offered a more housing battery back larger to increase the autonomy of the device. This was an increase of third-party batteries and adapted housings. For several years more and more smartphones that make up the battery and can not be changed in such a simple way so became fashionable covers with built-in battery.

    After this introduction we go to automobile sector in which we have a important problem autonomy pending solution. The buyer of an electric car know you can not go with a conventional vehicle over 150 kilometers and it has to have a charging point at home. Otherwise, the electric car is not for him. But What if want more autonomy and the manufacturer even gives you the solution you need? Third-party batteries.

    third-party batteries

    The battery installed in Hybrid Industries Nissan Leaf

    is not the same as changing the battery of the car tablet.

    href=”http://hybridindustries.webs.com/” Hybrid Industries is a company focused on creating car batteries that increase the autonomy of electric vehicles. For example, have a pack for the Nissan Leaf with getting duplicate, say, the autonomy that can go through a battery of 48 kWh, just double the number offered by the Leaf . The main problem would be that would be placed in the trunk so much of its capacity is lost.

    The company offers a guarantee of 2-4 years for the installation and the new battery pack so they have some confidence in your battery and workmanship are good. This update would be compatible with models from 2011, taking charge would be the original of the vehicle and would cost about 6,000 euros.

    If you had an electric car would you trust a third-party battery manufacturers to double the autonomy of your car? It’s an interesting question with a complicated answer to add the doubt on the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty, which obviously would be lost by making changes to car


    Would you buy third-party batteries to increase the autonomy of your electric car?
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    January 22, 2016

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