6 YouTube channels with easy explanations Physics in Spanish

We have a couple of compilations devoted to YouTube channels educational videos about Chemistry and where it is eliminated, with lessons well explained, unfounded fear present in many students to deal with these “hard sciences” in their courses High School, Secondary and even in college. The shift today is for videos of Physical channels that allow a glimpse of her true appearance, a beautiful and important science present throughout our routine and with a little study you can learn easily.


There is a popular English channel called minutephysics where you post videos explained with short cartoons on physics literally and justly Ever Salazar whose genius we mentioned by their brand new productions of a similar format (such as its called ” Videos cortitos mathematical and beautiful “), has been put to the task of translating them into a new channel called MinutodeFísica.


In Cibermatex.net are published thousands of videos explaining the different issues high school and college level on the most popular science (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) with specific content as study material designed to overcome the most important tests, especially those Spanish students face. Even the best content and payment is popular as Julioprofe teachers are part of your videos there, have provided a lot of videos of the same quality (very well explained) and free in its respective channel on YouTube.

Quantum Fracture

Videos short general physics topics discussed so with cartoons also far more color and even a touch of humor. Few published to date but is understandable for the time and work-in addition to mass, strength, energy and power (?) – Involved in the development of each work, for example, in the brilliant video Newton’s Laws in 2 minutes where complex concepts become an enjoyable and understandable explanation.


Other education portal already ‘ve talked enough for its hundreds of video lessons from diverse areas of knowledge. Physics could not miss in their topics and there are already more than 30 videos have arranged free and very organized. The key, as in Tareasplus.com, we rely on a whiteboard to keep explaining each general concept easily.


A project of IES Antonio Maria Calero Pozoblanco, in Cordoba, Spain. Teachers and students perform experiments and develop multiple themes of chemistry and physics to teach, through its striking real-life application, each complex concept of science. By the way, can be useful to get ideas for science fair projects and the like.


With nearly 200,000 subscribers and hundreds of videos sorted by subjects, courses and topics, Unicoos shown as a benchmark for online learning. Besides the features simple explanations and good amount of material available (including exercises done and advanced theory), it is important to highlight the willingness of the author to always answer the doubts. In Unicoos can also find videos of mathematics and chemistry.

Of course, all of the above channels are tremendous and I’ve tried not to repeat those mentioned in previous compilations, but I am quite sure that I stay in the inkwell other brilliant productions. If you have any recommendations please leave it in the comments. Image: The Big Bang Theory, gallery warnerchannel.com

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6 YouTube channels with easy explanations Physics in Spanish

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