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English - November 24, 2013

application for android incredible today ttpod incredible 7 Android Applications, today TTPod

continue in weekend leisure time and fun, which is why the same section Apps for Android We have focused on today to show you a app to fill all that free time we usually enjoy much less likely that we deserve.

The application is a music player totally different from what we are usually used in the world of Android devices , an application with a graphical exceptional beauty and some features that make it very interesting and worthy of recommendation.


offers TTPod?

The first thing I have to warn TTPod is and we only available in English, although some sections are still not well translated and we will be in Simplified Chinese language. Yet it is such a good, awesome and amazing application that we will advise you at least to test the link to download.

Among its features we can highlight his incredible GUI we offers unmatched quality in both music playback and viewing the covers of our favorite albums. Besides downloading the letters is done with exact synchronization with the playback time of the track played.

Although the option that has surprised me most is that of activating the settings from the lanscape mode , fully visual mode playback display mode Karaoke. (screenshot of the title of the post)

application for android incredible today ttpod 8 Amazing Apps Android, today TTPod

Another of the peculiarities of TTPod is that when installing the application, we can see how our main desktop and application drawer we installed two new icons, one TTPod own and another corresponding to a sister application offers recognition music style Shazam.

Another of the features I liked is that when scrolling, can cycle through sections of the application and the first Once we agree to move Lyrics where we can see how wrong perfectly synchronized lyrics of the song, also if we move our finger on the letter, we will move playback to the exact point we want to hear.

How I say, the application still has sections untranslated, but I do not see this as a major drawback to try to stop all good and different to offer.

What do you think TTPod for Android

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Download –

Amazing Android Apps for today TTPod -3 天天 动听 亿 人 的 音乐 播放 器
Price: Free

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