Glance Plus a free app to have Always-on screen on any Android

English - April 21, 2016

the ability to see time and notifications without having to turn the entire screen is as old as desired. But now it is becoming a standard, at least in the high end. As a tribute to the pioneers of Nokia or perhaps as imitation, TH Software has created the free app Glance Plus that simulates the result of Glance, Ambient Display or Always-On: a previous image to the desktop in which check the time and notifications without unlocking the screen.

As an alternative led you to have Ambient free and without root any Android phone display. Now let’s look at another very easy to set up, with many customization options and the same trick that affects the battery. An even better option.

What you can do

The first thing to clarify is that neither provides what they have both the Samsung Galaxy S7 as the LG G5 or V10: switch only part of the screen that has the information. Glance Plus illuminates the entire panel, only painted black all unnecessary points. With an LCD poses no battery saving white and with a Super AMOLED itself is supposed to accomplish something.

therefore, we must seek other advantages. At first glance I see him two: one is the comfort by being able to wake the phone without touching or right out of the pocket, without pressing buttons; the other is the option of having a simple and adjusted screen content and specific lighting conditions that you require in each case.

The clearest example would have this app just for the night. It can be done because it has a calendar where you can set up to three slots of activity / inactivity, so it is easy to determine that only works when you assume you’re going to be in bed. Fixed minimum screen brightness and no annoying color and typography and have an optimum clock to check the time of dawn, like this.

Glance Plus, screen sleep to taste

The information display goes beyond display the time and date and gives dozens of personalization options. There are nine styles of presentation, various sizes and colors for the letter, freedom to place it in nine different quadrants around the panel or even wallpapers with drawings based on that bring more color black.

alternatives information lets choose whether to display notifications any other application, which authorize, battery level, alarms (compact or details) or local weather. Another alternative is to decide if you rotate the screen is static or vertically.

One of the most important configuration options is the brightness, because its operation depends heavily on the sensor and whether to save battery much racanea the app finishes malfunction. Another alternative is to activate the automatic brightness, but in that case, yes we are exposed to a higher consumption.

Response and modes of use

Although sold as such, does not allow Glance Plus the always on display. There is a option called Always-On to leave the active panel uninterrupted long as it is connected to a charging port, either conventional current, wireless or USB.

The other alternative is that only active at specific times and for an amount of time ranging five seconds to two minutes. To turn on there that reach through the front sensor (one, two or three times) or out of pocket after ten seconds. In this test a Nexus 5 the first alternative works perfectly, the second has given no response. Finally you can set to be displayed also lock the phone just as the last screen.

How does it affect the battery? I have not tested enough to have an assessment, but it should not be a consumer because its design limits the ignition timing. However, it is impossible to be as efficient as an always-on screen real for the amount of lit pixels. In addition, it should be checked whether the smartphones that allow it awakens only efficient core while the rest are still sleeping, as in this function smartphones including root.

Glance Plus is free and only takes a little advertising in the settings menu. Trick, but it works, so if you’re looking for something like this I recommend you try and analyze how it affects your battery. That’s the key.

Glance Plus

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: TH Software
  • Download: Google Play
  • Android version: 4.3 or higher

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