Batman special effects in 1966

Batman special effects in 1966

The special effects were not something that he would grant too much importance in the 1966 Batman film starring the iconic Adam West, it is usually included in the catalog of the cheesy and laughable as it pertains to Batman.

operating system used by Batman, the Batmobile design, or the appearance of the costumes, just some of the elements that helped create that aesthetic so characteristic of the 60s.

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Also, the special effects had to live up to expectations (which perhaps were not as high). For the first movie character DC, she was LB Abbott responsible for these effects. Thus, the chroma crappy or trompe l’oeil were often used to try to acclimate to the characters in a given scenario.

As we see in the picture above, the form used to create this effect was somewhat rudimentary, taking recourse in many cases a imagination to think how it could mislead the viewer.

They are techniques that (fortunately) differ much of which we have been partners with the latest Batman trilogy directed by Nolan and they expect us to Batman Superman v Dawn of Justice, but has given us an almost infinite file memes to use the Internet.

Credit: 20th Century Fox


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