Bell TV vs Telus Optik – Which is Best?

Bell TV vs Telus Optik – Which is Best?

Telus Optik and Bell TV are two TV platforms that have quickly won over many Canadians because it provides users with lots of features and flexibility that they wouldn’t enjoy anywhere else. Kevin Wood, a tech support specialist, says this increased demand for this type of satellite TV has got many homeowners stuck between Telus Optik or Bell TV. With either of them, you can stream numerous channels using either your TV or smartphone. 

However, knowing which platform is the ideal choice is usually a challenge for the average homeowner. If you’re in this position, look no further as this guide takes an in-depth look at which TV platform between Telus Optik and Bell TV is a suitable pick. 

Bell TV 

If you’re a resident based in Quebec, Montreal, Toronto or Ottawa, you most likely are overwhelmed by the numerous Bell services. One of these services is the Bell Fibe TV, an Internet Protocol (IP) based television service distributed via your telephone line. The Bell TV distribution system incorporates an entire home PVR that connects all the receivers in your home to the local network. This network usually comprises a sequence of receivers and PVR that can record, pause or rewind live TVs using programs that are consequently available to all the receivers in the network. 

Some of the notable features of Bell TV include; 

  • Channel surfing and picture-in-picture browsing 
  • Fibe TV On Demand, with this demand service giving you access to thousands of TV shows and movies
  • Flexible programming with more than 70 international channels, over 100 channels in HD and 20 Theme Packs
  • Ability to access apps such as the Weather Network, Twitter and Facebook on your TV screen 
  • A searchable 14-day electronic program guide categorized depending on the keyword, cast member, title or genre 
  • A user-friendly on-screen guide 

There are three packages you can choose from on Bell TV, and these are; 

  • Starter: You’ll pay $124.90 each month for this package to get unlimited 50 Mbps and 10 Mbps download and upload speeds, respectively.  You also get general interest channels.  
  • Good: This package cost $134.90 and includes general-interest channels such as CBC plus and CTV. It also includes specialty channels such as Discovery and TSN. Internet connectivity is unlimited, with 50Mbps download speed and 10 Mbps upload speeds. 
  • Better: This package includes 4K programming as well as general-interest channels. Download and upload speeds are both 500 Mbps. You’ll need to pay $149.90 to get the Better TV package. 
  • Best: It costs $179.90 and includes specialty channels, 4K programming and general interest channels. The download speeds reach 1GBps, while the upload speeds are 750 Mbps. 

Telus Optik TV 

This service is undoubtedly worth your consideration if you live in Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia. One reason for this is because they guarantee you competitive pricing, which is music to the ears of potential subscribers. Once you pay for Telus Optik TV, the services will be a phone line, television, mobile phone and internet. The three packages available to choose from are; 

  • Essential Bundle:This 2-year term package which includes internet and TV, costs $115. The fast internet speed can reach 75 Mbps which can connect to 4 to six gadgets and includes 39 HD channels. 
  • Premium Bundle:It’s also a 2-year package that costs $157. The internet speeds here can reach up to $940 Mbps and connect 20 gaming or streaming devices. You also have the option to choose four popular theme packs. 

Ultimate Bundle: This 2-year package costs $172 and features seven popular theme packs. Internet speeds can reach up to 940 Mbps.

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