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Can I Send a Fax by Email?

Over the time, communication has evolved for the better. As compared to the dilatory physical mails, emails soon picked up as the most efficient and prompt way to communicate. Be it locally or internationally, emailing people makes work so efficient and easy. 

Be it personal or professional communication, on both fronts email is very fast paced and dynamic. Catching pace with the current times, sending and receiving emails solves a lot of our issues. You can communicate, exchange documents and converse virtually with email service.

Of the many things that emails can do, you should know that it is even possible to fax through your Gmail account. The process is embedded into the very functioning of the email. You do not have to do anything extraordinary to send a fax through email. 

CocoFax: Best Email Fax Service

CocoFax is an online faxing service. While there are many online faxing service providers but none provide the perfect interface and seamless functions like CocoFax. Majority of other online faxing service providers are laden with malware and phishing tools.

With CocoFax, you do not have to worry about the integrity of your system. What you must know is that fax is an analogue telephone system while email is a digital platform. Fundamentally, these two platforms cannot interact. CocoFax, therefore, acts as an interpreter and connector.

Can I Send a Fax by Email?Can I Send a Fax by Email?

Most corporates and government agencies too only trust faxes with their corporate communication as it is by far the most secure way to communicate. CocoFax has the reputation and standing for reliability.

No Data or Document Leakage

When security and integrity of information are the primary concerns (the very reason people prefer faxes), you cannot just go by any random alternative for sending faxes. CocoFax offers 100% protection of user data and there is no data leakage, ever.  

PreRequisites for Sending Fax through Email

Faxes become extremely easy and convenient with CocoFax. You need to ensure that some prerequisites are in place so as to use CocoFax. You must have a stable internet, an email account and a CocoFax subscription.  

If you do not have a CocoFax subscription, you can also opt for a 30 day free trial that the application offers. Contrary to free demos and a week trial that most faxing service providers offer, the 30 day period is a good enough time for the user to gauge their adaptability to the app.

Free Fax Number

Another massive advantage of using CocoFax is that the application provides you with a fax number free of cost. Those who have attained faxes in the past must be aware of how toling and exhaustive the process can be. You can curtail that entire additional burden just by using a CocoFax subscription. 

Faxing Through Email

You can use any leading mail service like Gmail, Yahoo mail, outlook, Hotmail, etc. to send and receive faxes through CocoFax. There is nothing out of the ordinary that you need to do in this respect. The process is just as simple and convenient as sending a regular email.

Let us understand the step by step process of sending a fax through email:

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Step 1: Composition

You need to open a new mail for sending. You can use the ‘Compose’ or ‘New Email’ option to generate a new mailing tab. Below mentioned will be the components of the email to make it compatible to faxing:

Attachment to the Email

The fax document that needs to be sent as a fax needs to be attached to the email. CocoFax is compatible to all sorts of document attachments like doc, docx, xls, xlsx, png and jpg files. Irrespective of the kind of file and type of attachment, the fax will be received in a PDF format only.

Subject and Body of Email

It is often misinterpreted that the body of email should contain the fax content. But, that’s essentially not the case. Attachment of the email is the only essential part. You can even leave the subject and body of email as they are irrelevant and only appear as cover pages. 

Step 2: Sending an Email to Fax

The recipient section is the utmost important part when sending a fax through email. What needs to be done is that you need to specify the recipient fax’s country code and fax number. This detail then needs to be followed by 

By adding this suffix, you convert the fax number into an email that can be used to send out faxes. 

Step 3: Rechecking Entered Information

It is always recommended to check the attachment and the fax number when sending the fax. Cross verification of information lessens the scope of manual error. Once checked and reconfirmed, you can hit the button ‘Send’, the document will head to the desired fax number.

Step 4: Delivery of the Fax

CocoFax doesn’t leave you in suspense as to whether or not your fax was rightfully received. Upon successful delivery of the fax, CocoFax sends an email confirmation about successful delivery of the fax.

Whether a fax is successfully sent and delivered or not, either ways, you would get a delivery notification or failure. While CocoFax is always successful, sometimes incorrect entry of fax numbers or inaccessibility of fax machines can cause some issues. 

You can be as relieved about sending faxes through CocoFax as if you are sending any regular email. The application has been the most coveted fax sending and receiving platform as compared to others. You can also send faxes from email from even your phone.

Any platform that has access to your emails can become a platform for you to send out faxes. It is as simple as that. Further, you save so much money and space from actually buying a fax machine, CocoFax is nothing but a win-win alternative.


Who knew it would be so simple and effortless to send faxes through your Gmail account? While the communication has evolved in itself, CocoFax has made it much more flexible, digital and versatile.

So why rely on super expensive and high maintenance fax machines when you have platforms like CocoFax that can offer you all the faxing comforts.

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