FIFA: Team Play As The Future Of Competitive Format

FIFA: Team Play As The Future Of Competitive Format

In eSports, as in any other traditional sports, there are games focused either on a team or a single player. For example, CS:GO, Dota 2, or League of Legends are typical team games. While in other eSports divisions, one against one prevails over the rest. Here, we find FIFA and the format of many of its competitions. While some matches are played in a 2-to-2 format, others, such as eLaLiga, apply the 1vs1 as the main game mode.

For starters, let’s see a more in-depth overview of team plays and what these games are defined as, to be able to understand whether FIFA needs to think of a change in its format.

Does 5vs5 Format Prevail over the Rest?

As we have said earlier, many eSports divisions seek team play. Of course, it made us think of different advantages of this ad hoc match type. Below, we will leave you two main reasons in which we encountered 5vs5 confrontations.

Team Play Diversity

The first thing we have noticed is that a team game mode is much more diverse than playing single. Typically, the teams do not have to set everything in stone by having completely dedicated positions. Some situations require different solutions than the ones you have prepared before the game.

Following the site, you can see an in-depth overview of certain CS:GO games. Thus, with all the details of how this or that match unfolded, you would notice how crucial it was for a professional team to switch the gameplay strategy when things didn’t go as smoothly as they expected.

Fondness for a Club

Some fans follow a team for a single player. That’s what usually happens in FIFA. However, the feeling of a squad and the fondness for a club are lost with it. It suggests that the format of 5vs5 competitions creates unique followers and encouragement between teammates who build that union. But like the two sides of a coin, these emotions tend to disappear with player transfers and other market moves.

What will be the Future of EA Sports after FIFA 23?

For many years, EA Sports FC has had each incarnation of the soccer game bearing the official FIFA mark. However, with the launch of FIFA 23 this September or October, these two organizations will follow their own paths.

Then, in the short term, it will become a time of change and one of evolution in the soccer gaming industry. Of course, this made us think of what changes will come when the company agreement comes to an end.

What we do know is that the game developer will continue to produce its game under the EA Sports FC brand. We also know that FIFA is planning several football-themed titles. Should we think of a change of format in these titles? Since not much is known for sure, we can only guess.

2-to-2 Format: Should We Think of a Change?

To answer this question, we want to mention all the excitement and incredible display of play that were presented at the FIFA All-Star, organized by eLaLiga at the end of June. In this event, a total of four squads made up of three players played a series of matches where the show was more important than winning. The matches were played in a 2v2 format and in a round trip. But the level of encouragement between teammates was extremely impressive with all the players. Such phrases as “it’s your move” or “it’s fine, we will get the next one” created that union between players and fans.

As you can imagine, while the reason was not serious and winning was not the priority, there is always the thorn of marking and demonstrating its show to the world. But in this All-Star event, the clashes were more exciting than we could expect. Therefore, we will have to keep waiting to see such a team play in all the official FIFA competitions.

A Final Word

To summarize, we think FIFA can benefit from building a new format as a team play instead of trying to develop a rival for EA Sports. We have already seen that the games that try to challenge the current version of EA Sports FC are not doing well. That’s why they should try to follow their own path and be able to make a clear distinction between Electronic Arts’ sports titles and previous FIFA games. What is clear to us is that FIFA and its championships have a long way to go and that, once they manage to find their way, we can be facing a spectacular soccer game.

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