How The Exciting Referral Programs Vary Across GetMega and Faboom

Business, English - October 26, 2021

Online gaming experience became a whole lot more interesting when real money rewards and fantasy gaming entered the gaming world. Players can now play fantasy games they enjoy and get the exciting opportunity to earn real cash rewards.

Image 1. How The Exciting Referral Programs Vary Across GetMega and Faboom

Earn real money rewards while playing games on legitimate gaming platforms like Faboom and GetMega.

There are quite a few options available these days but GetMega and Faboom are two such

platforms that are being deemed as best and gaining popularity amongst players every day.

Rewards and Benefits in GetMega and Faboom

Given below is a closer insight into the various rewards and other exciting points to consider before deciding to play on GetMega or download Faboom.

Rewards On Referral

When new Playersdownload Faboom and play games on it because they were sent a referral from an existing player on the platform. Then the player who extended the referral gets a reward. Faboom offers rewards for every such referral and it can be availed using the generated code. 

GetMega offers an exciting reward for referrals. A reward of Rupees 10 is provided on every successful referral. It’s deemed as a successful referral when a GetMega player invites another prospective player to the app and plays a game with them.

In order to ensure that no bots are playing and only real players participate on the platform, GetMega has certain criteria that needs to be adhered to during the referral process. These are:-

  • The person to whom the referral invite is being sent to must be a part of the players’ contact list.
  • Both parties are required to play at least one game using the video-chat mode.

Sign-Up Bonus and Rewards

When you download Faboomand sign-up, there is no such sign-up bonus available on the platform.

GetMega offers a bonus of Rupees 5 when one signs up into the app. This bonus reward can later on be used to play available games on the platform.

Variety of Games Available

If a player wishes to play fantasy leagues in sports like kabaddi, soccer and cricket. Then they can download Faboomand enjoy playing leagues and tournaments while earning real money rewards.

GetMega offers real money games in three main categories, namely, Cards, Casual and Trivia.

Poker and Rummy are options in the Cards category, Carrom, Dots and Dash, GoPool are some of the options available in the Casual games category. And lastly, PicMe, GK, 123 are gaming options that are offered under the Trivia games category.

Verified And Authentic Players

When you download Faboom,you as a player can rest assured that no bots will be participating in the games on the platform. Faboom has an intricate verification process. Once a player has selected the sport they wish to play, they are requested to fill-up a short form.

Following which the player will be verified using Facebook or Google accounts. If a player does not have their account signed-in to their Facebook or Google, they can also use their email IDs to proceed.

GetMega allows no bots to pass through and only real players who are verified and authenticated can participate on the app. The verification is done using mobile phone numbers or Facebook account, profile,photos and other input.

Availability of Audio-Video Feature

Despite being one of the top fantasy gaming platforms available today, unfortunately, there is no such audio-video feature available on Faboom.

Currently, GetMega is the only real cash online gaming platform in India that provides the new audio-video feature on its platform. More than 8 games can be played using this mode and players can experience high resolution videos and high definition sound while playing the games they enjoy. This particular feature makes the whole gaming experience even more fun with family and friends.

Security and Transparency

Before you download Faboomto play games in hopes of winning real cash rewards. Sceptical individuals may question the safety and security of their data being input into the app. However Faboom is completely safe and secure as it has 3D secure authentication. It is specifically used to ensure that the integrity of the players are being maintained in a safe manner.

Faboom offers complete transparency to its players, this is one of the main reasons why it is amongst the top online gaming platforms today.

As a member of the All India Gaming Federation, GetMega strives to provide utmost safety and security to its players. It has certifications from national as well as international bodies ensuring the legitimacy and adherence to the Indian laws as well as providing a safe level ground for all players.

GetMega has RNG certification which provides further assurance to the users of there not being any sort of foul play. GetMega features only skill-based games that have no involvement of luck and chance in them. Be careful before choosing which online gaming platform you are providing your details to. Make necessary research before making the choice and playing.