How to Choose Spy Apps for Facebook Messenger?

How to Choose Spy Apps for Facebook Messenger?

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform on the internet. Your friends, your family, and even your beloved pet is on Facebook. 

Although people started to talk to their friends in private, it soon became an application to meet new peoples, interact with them over a subject, share a secret and even share how they feel on a particular day. 

Taking all of this into consideration, no one can neglect that a good percentage of secrets of someone is hidden in their Facebook chat. Another truth that can’t be neglected is that very few people are left who have never desired to read someone’s Facebook messages. 

Now, the truth is none of your friends are going to share their Facebook ID and Password even on the deal of a quarter Pizza slice per day. This is where a spy app comes into play. 

If you just came across the fact that you can read someone’s message by using an app, you are going to have a hard time finding the best one for you. And that’s because spying is not a child’s play. 

What is Spyzie?

Spyzie is a spy and monitoring application developed by Super Soft limited that provides complete transparency in monitoring a device activity. This tool gives you a full guarantee that none of your personal information shall be shared with any third party. 

Neither it will be used for any reviews or publicity of this software. Its server is hosted on the safest company in the United States of America, SWERG.

This application is primarily used as a parental control application to safeguard kids. Kids are often subjected to abduction and bullying online. Threats of phishing and scams are also common these days. 

This application is also useful for an employer to keep an eye on the data, assets, and employee activity. Click on the advice to know more about Facebook spying with Spyzie.  

An application that is easy to set up.

Many spy applications out there don’t have an easy setup. To use Spyzie, everything that you need is to set up an account. It can be created by simply clicking on “sign up for free” after navigating to the Spyzie homepage. Enter your email, pick a plan and make payment. That’s it.

Now you can install this application on the device to be monitored in case of Android. There is no need to install this software when the target device is an iPhone. 

Later on, you can monitor the data fetched by Spyzie in real-time from any device through the browser.

An application the works without rooting or jailbreaking the device

There are very few applications that allow spying without rooting your android or jailbreaking iPhone or iPad. Jailbreaking is not a good idea if your phone is new. Though it opens some great access to your device, it is not recommended at all.

Rooting is nearly the same for android as jailbreaking for iOS. Rooting your device destroys the guarantee and many bad consequences have been found of improper rooting. 

Spyzie lets you track and spy without rooting or jailbreaking the device. It puts you on the safe side of your smartphone too. Thanks for such a great feature.

An application that features more than enough

Installing an application that apart from spying or monitoring Facebook or any social media, provides you some more benefits in daily life can be a great spy application. 

Let’s have a look at some of the trendy features that Spyzie includes:

Facebook monitoring 

Of course, as you are looking for an app to spy on Facebook, after all.

So, not just you Facebook messenger tracker should allows you to track messages but –

  • It should work from remote and should not need re-accessing again.
  • It should allow you to uninstall mobile apps remotely, in the case of Android.
  • It should fetch and deliver data to you in real-time without them knowing.

And Spyzie does it all perfectly.

The Keylogger

Spyzie has a keylogger feature that can save keystrokes for you to see. So, when your target device will have any text input, even if it’s a password or Facebook ID, you can get it and login to the FB account for direct monitoring too.

Location tracking in real-time

Now that you are getting a Facebook messenger spy, look for a solution that is more comprehensive. For example, Spyzie lets you see the exact coordinates of the target device. This is a complete safety measure if you are worried about your children’s traveling activity. 

Browser History

Search history capturing is the most common thing that a spy software should include. 

If you are using it as parental control to keep track of your child’s activity over the internet, or want to track your spouse, or want to keep a watch on your employees, it will help you block unwanted and adult contents over the internet whenever needed. 

Tracking other social media accounts

If you are really worried about your kid not leaving the phone for even a moment, you can use Spyzie to monitor other social media accounts of him or her. If anything wrong is found, you can put restrictions on the child in time and save him or her from future troubles. 

Spyzie works for Snapchat, Instagram and even Whatsapp for that matter.


Spying on a social media account has never been easy. But with the advent of Spyzie, one can do it safely and legibly without the trouble of rooting or jailbreaking your device. Some trusted brands have put their faith in this application and Spyzie never failed to convince them. 

If you are a parent, willing to know what your children do over the internet, where he goes on the weekend, are their activities future safe or not, you can also take the help of this application. It works like a charm for spouse facebook spying and employee monitoring too.

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