Navdy one HUD with Android and alternatives

Navdy one HUD with Android and alternatives

A few days ago we saw the news of the appearance of Navdy, one HUD (Head-Up Display) device, which shows information about the windshield of our car.

But it is HUD? At first, it was developed for combat aircraft for the pilot to keep your head up and have useful information. Currently this technology is being established in civi life test implementation can be seen in the Toyota Prius car brand, but not the only car that will incorporate this technology into their models, Jaguar, Mazda

But what about the older cars

For this, a young company Navdy HUD has decided to launch a device for any car, where we can interact with the system without distracting us from road. The information you show us at the moment is information our speed and navigation instructions.

This system has been well received by users, as shown in a simple and easy interaction, since the microphone (with noise cancellation ) is always active to receive orders and an infrared camera pointed our position to detect the movements we do to recognize gestures and measures as specified


Inside the device we find a dual core incorporating ambient light sensors, digital compass, acelorómetros, with a basic 4.0 and Wifi connectivity, speakers to hear the instructions a small projector that transmits the information to the transparent screen. Referring the operating system is governed by an Android 4.4 ( Kitkat) but modified with a proprietary interface. (Specifications may change that)

The idea of ​​seeing any app on the screen at the moment is not feasible for the interface that place, but we receive many notifications on the screen, say a small Android Wear but in the car but will surely try to improve the system although it is possible that it is a prelude to Android Auto.

The good news is that it can operate autonomously to existing mobile platforms but can also be linked smoothly, having the option to choose. Besides if you have a car with OBD-II connection type (a fairly widespread system in Europe) can receive more information from the car, as the actual speed (not estimated) consumption gears.

You want one

The product at the moment is not a reality but they will begin selling in early 2015 around the world, so the issue of how to connect is not yet well defined, are handled some cases such as inductive charging, internal car or any user-friendly manner


The price is another thing, we can now make a reservation for $ 299 plus $ 20 shipping, if Spain, but the price stays the shipping costs are increased by 10 dollars. Then in 2015 when it goes on sale will cost $ 499.


Although Navdy is one of the companies that has taught a product in this market competes with other brands For example we find Garmin with your HUD at a price of $ 149.99

against product is only sold in the United States and must install an application on their own maps for interaction.


We can look at Google Play on HUD, and the result is. many apps that try to emulate

highlight two apps: Hudway BETA and Sygic that have this system, both apps help us to use this mode in the configuration of maps, we can see an example in video:

The trouble is that we have to hold our mobile windshield to reflect and not insure you always look good

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