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The best applications for taxi ask Spain

The best applications for taxi ask SpainThe best applications for taxi ask Spain

If you live in Madrid and I know you park your car in the central streets of the capital or transport move night public is very unpleasant to say the least. There are times when asking a taxi gets you out of big trouble, and while creating una unified app, I decided to comb the Google Play Store and try some of the applications for taxis most famous to find the best.

First, there is no definitive app. All have some deficiency: either an unintuitive interface or limited availability in cities of the country, or even are not fully debugged, to give some examples. In addition, taxi fares are regulated by the appropriate city hall where circulate. However, though all applications are priced fixed path for Madrid itself varies the commission charged the driver.

, for example, the rates stipulated by the council are the following (excluding supplements):

for this occasion I focused solely on apps for taxis, discarding others like Uber or Cabify using vehicles with license VTC. This is the list


It is very likely in recent months’ve ever seen advertising for this application, because the creators of MyTaxy have turned promoting it with succulent coupons for our first trip. Among its most important functions, are those of to pay directly from your smartphone and follow live and direct where the taxi driver who has previously requested is.

Even lets you choose taxis between different search criteria or save your favorite driver. MyTaxi shows you the closest taxi to your location and previously calculate your fare, all very simple, but does not vary much the interface from one program to another. The first time I used it was with a discount coupon and everything was perfect at first, both the speed of the driver as when making payment –

The main problem MyTaxi is that by the currently only available in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Valencia, but if you can try it, go ahead

Download on Google Play. MyTaxi – The Taxi App


Another application that enjoys huge popularity is Hailo, but this is even more limited, with Madrid and Barcelona the only cities where it operates. For customers in the two cities most populous country, Hailo presumed to be integrated with Foursquare to remember your most frequent locations.

As MyTaxi, this app features travel history and calculator rates. But Hailo is even more useful when you have forgotten some object in the taxi, the driver can locate to contact him. And in the era of the social, could not miss a complete integration with Twitter and Facebook, can share routes with your friends

I want to emphasize the good design Hailo. All very clean and easy. My experience with them was quite satisfactory, especially because like the previous one, has a good fleet of taxis with support for this program

Download on Google Play. Hailo -Taxi App

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The Radio Taxi Association of Spain also has its own Android app, PideTaxi. It stands out mainly for the impressive fleet of taxis that have the app and the huge amount of member cities. Except for this, PideTaxi not reinventing the wheel and does almost the same as the competition, but with some extras less (like not being able to pay with your phone).

From the main screen you can request your taxi and it will attend your meeting. Calculate your route or schedule services are some of its most striking features, and my experience when trying PideTaxi has been satisfactory, but personally see to something heavy program and that more needs to be debugged to match its rivals. p>

yet it is an excellent alternative, especially if you live in the towns where MyTaxi and Hailo fail

Download on Google Play: PideTaxi


Finally, there is TaxiClick, the alternative containing a beautiful Material Design interface. It is intuitive at the same time simple, since some features of its competitors are not implemented yet. Of course, when ordering taxis everything works properly and you can filter them by criterion, if not happening to you and me (and hundreds of users on Google Play) that takes quite the SMS confirmation or in some cases directly or arrives.

The number of taxis available for reservation is wide, with a large base of Radio Taxi Association of Spain, and nearly 70 cities where they work. TaxiClick is not the most popular, nor the best, but the service is correct and broad

Download on Google Play. TaxiClick

What applications do you use? Do you prefer to order a taxi traditional way or by these apps? Leave your comments below the article

Mobile Engadget. | La only app of Spanish taxi drivers getting closer: will be key against competition, La B side of my taxi request: why not use them all
Picture | Moyan_Brenn

The news The best applications for taxi ask Spain was originally published in ​​Engadget Android by Sergio Figueroa.

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