The truth about why dogs want to sleep in your bed

The truth about why dogs want to sleep in your bed

Have you ever wondered why dogs love to sleep with their owner? There are many things we don’t know about the behavior of these animals; certain people believe that resting with them can be harmful. However, this statement may be far from reality, as long as you have the necessary hygienic conditions. Dogs have their own compelling reasons for wanting to do so. Here are the reasons why dogs want to sleep with their owner. Let’s see.

It is a way to show love

Your dog seeks to show its love for you in many ways, and one of them is by sleeping next to you. According to animal behavior experts, the dog’s desire to sleep with you is a way of expressing its affection towards you. Your dog loves you and wants to be by your side at all times, even during the night. Instead of seeing this as a problem, you should see it as an opportunity to strengthen the bond between the two of you and show it how much you love its too.

It needs to feel warm

Winter especially can be a difficult time for the furry one, especially when it comes to sleeping. The house may be cold and its bed may not be in a suitable place to keep it warm. It’s understandable that your dog will seek the company of someone so it doesn’t feel cold during the night. For this reason, it is not uncommon for it to climb into your bed or seek to sleep close to you to feel more comfortable and secure. If you are uncomfortable with it doing that, don’t forget to provide it with a comfortable and warm bed so it can sleep well throughout the winter.

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Dogs are social beings

Dogs are social animals, they create a deep emotional connection with their owners and feel an innate need to be surrounded by their pack. This is why dogs value the bond with their master so much; this makes them loyal and affectionate. In addition, they consider the human being key to their survival. For this reason, they always seek to stay close to their loved ones, following them everywhere. Even when there are several dogs in a household, they never sleep alone, but prefer to do so in the company of their companions or preferably with their owner.

They feel the need to protect

Some dog breeds have a strong protective instinct and are considered “guard dogs”, which by instinct are programmed to protect their family and feel anxiety or stress if they are left alone all night long. It is convenient to consider this aspect when adopting a dog of a very guardian species: it should not be left alone for many hours and, besides, sleep with it or near it. If you do not like sleeping with an animal, choose a less protective breed.

Feeling safe by your side

Some may have a strong instinct to want to protect, but the opposite is also true: certain dogs are very nervous and feel fearful when sleeping alone, so they prefer to sleep near their owners to feel safer and more secure, due to a variety of factors, such as a previous traumatic experience, anxiety problems, or simply because they have a more timid personality.

They seek to calm stress and anxiety

According to scientific studies conducted on dogs, their owner’s scent can help relax them and make them feel more protected and comfortable. Dogs are very sensitive to smell and are able to easily recognize the odors of their owners and other members of their “pack”. Sleeping close to their owner and smelling his scent contributes to reduce stress and anxiety and to the good emotional health of the furry one.

It doesn’t like its bed or sleeping place

Surely, its bed is not the right one. Many times, dogs, just like humans, adopt different postures during sleep; if its bed is too small, it is clear that it will feel uncomfortable. It is also necessary to verify if the room where it sleeps is very luminous, poorly ventilated or exposed to strident noises at night. In other words, if it is uncomfortable, it will seek the security and warmth of its master.

It is important to keep in mind that each dog is different, with its own preferences and needs. Some dogs like to sleep alone, while others would give anything to sleep next to their owner.

If you choose to sleep with your pet, it is advisable to make sure that you do not have any kind of allergy to the animal’s hair. Likewise, it is better to place a protector in the space where it sleeps, to avoid that the sweat and bacteria of the furry one remain in your mattress. It is better to change the bedding and bathe the dog regularly. If your pet suffers from any illness or incontinence, do not allow it to climb on the bed.

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