Save web pages in Drive, Box or Dropbox from Chrome with CleanSave

English - October 27, 2012

CleanSave is a remarkable Chrome extension designed to streamline your web browsing experience and simplify the process of saving and organizing web content. This powerful tool allows you to save web pages in PDF or RTF format directly to your preferred cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox. Not only does it facilitate cloud storage, but it also enables local downloads to your computer and seamless email sharing. Moreover, CleanSave excels at decluttering web pages by intelligently removing unnecessary elements like advertisements and images, focusing solely on the content you need. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the features and functionalities of CleanSave in detail.

The CleanSave Extension: Your Web Content Saver

Upon installing CleanSave, you’ll instantly notice the addition of a convenient button in your Chrome toolbar. This button serves as your gateway to the powerful features of CleanSave. Clicking it opens an intuitive editing window that allows you to customize the content that will be saved as your document. Here are some of the powerful features it offers:

  • Effortlessly adjust the font size to match your reading preferences.
  • Easily remove all images to create a text-only version of the web page.
  • Add personal notes and annotations to enhance your understanding.
  • Optimize your document for printing by changing the font color to grayscale, conserving precious ink.

Furthermore, CleanSave empowers you with the ability to selectively eliminate elements from the web page, whether it’s specific paragraphs, images, or any distracting content. While CleanSave does an admirable job of formatting the page and removing unnecessary items automatically, a thorough review option is recommended for those seeking a perfectly clean document.

Seamless Saving and Sharing Options

CleanSave offers a variety of convenient saving and sharing options once you’ve tailored the web page content to your liking:

  • Print the document directly from the CleanSave interface, ensuring a hassle-free printing experience.
  • Email the document to your desired recipients with ease.
  • Download it in either PDF or RTF format to keep a local copy on your computer.
  • Store it securely in one of the supported cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox, while having the flexibility to choose your preferred format.

Before saving, you can conveniently select the desired format and grant the necessary permissions to access your chosen cloud storage service. This ensures a seamless and secure saving process, allowing you to access your documents from any device or location.

Enhance Your Web Browsing Experience

CleanSave is a valuable tool for individuals who frequently research, collect, or share information from the web. It simplifies the process of archiving important web pages, making them accessible from any device or platform. Whether you’re a student gathering research materials, a professional curating online content, or simply someone who values organization and efficiency, CleanSave can significantly enhance your web browsing experience.

By offering the ability to save web pages exactly as you need them, CleanSave ensures that you have a clean, clutter-free document ready for reference or sharing. Say goodbye to the distractions of ads and irrelevant images, and focus on the information that matters most to you.

Experience the convenience and versatility of CleanSave for yourself by adding it to your Chrome browser today. Simplify your web content management, save web pages effortlessly, and boost your productivity. Discover the difference CleanSave can make in streamlining your online research and content organization.