Save web pages in Drive, Box or Dropbox from Chrome with CleanSave

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CleanSave is an extension for Chrome that allows web pages store PDF format or RTF Google Drive, Box or Dropbox. We can also download them to our computer or mail. Furthermore, robs us page on everything we (advertising images, even text) to be only content we need.

Extension puts us a button on the toolbar that, when clicked, opens the editing window from which we can modify the content will be our document. From there we can increase or decrease the font size, remove all pictures and even add a note. Also change the font color to gray to spend less ink in case we need to print the document.

Passing over the sample offered to us, we can go eliminating elements , both text and images, individually. I must say that formatting the page does eliminate many unnecessary items but not all, so if you want a totally clean document is recommended they review it in full.

Once you have the page as and as we want, we can print it from there, mail, descargárnoslo PDF format or RTF , or save any of the mentioned three services: Google Drive, Box or Dropbox, before choosing the format you want to save (and then giving the appropriate permission to access).

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Save web pages in Drive, Box or Dropbox from Chrome with CleanSave
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October 27, 2012

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